September 21, 2019

Right is always Triumphant

Right is always Triumphant

It is not only a Devine decision but also a historical fact that eventually the righteous one becomes triumphant.

Righteousness is the second name of victory; and whosoever remains one the right path, will definitely succeed, whatsoever his or their present conditions or circumstances are.

Today our arrogant enemies, especially the brutal foreign invaders, excessively proud of their apparently materialistic power, are threatening to remain inside Afghanistan until our pious and courageous people are defeated; and sometimes, alarming not to expect their withdrawal from Afghanistan forever.

We have a clear message for these infidel forces. We are fully confident that we are on the right path; we have no doubt that we are right and you are wrong; because we want both our private life and political system to be consistent with our religious and national values in our homeland. You have come from the other side of the world relying on your military power. You have invaded and occupied our country. You have attacked our people in their own homeland. You have brutally martyred our innocent people, villagers, farmers and other civilians in their homes, mosques, fields and bazaars. You have turned Afghanistan into a prison and graveyard for Afghan masses, by incarcerating them for years on the sheer excuse of their commitment to their religion and independence.

Every reasonable and fair-minded human-being of the world understands that in this imposed war, our people are oppressed and the foreign occupying forces are the aggressors. Most of our common people know nothing about America (i.e. the USA) not to speak of taking any antagonistic step against the Americans. But despite all this non-aggressiveness, our innocent people are losing their lives in the brutal and indiscriminate American drone strikes and blind air bombardment on the daily basis.

As our people are innocent and oppressed, and subjugated by the foreign invaders by sheer force, we are sure and confident that Allah Almighty will support us, as He always support the oppressed people against the cruel and tyrants. All historical examples of Numrud (the mighty king of Babul) and Abraham (may blessings of Allah be upon him), Pharaoh and Moses (may blessings of Allah be upon him), as well as the righteous struggles of contemporary history tell us that in the beginning, though the infidel forces apparently seem victorious, but the eventual triumph is always on the righteous’ side.

We want to inform the foreign occupying forces, who are proud of their international political prestige by enjoying the support of various stooge officials, that the international human conscience is on our side, as morally our stance is strong, whereas your invasion has no moral basis and can never be justified.

We are sure that if a fair and fact-based survey is conducted even in the United States of America, most of the American people would call the foreign invasion and occupation of Afghanistan as a brutal and unjustified move. The reason is that the general human conscience has still the capability of judging the right from the wrong. It is only a small number of politicians and materialistic war-mongers who recognize no moral values and limits for quenching their lusts and fulfilling their vested malicious interests by invading and dominating freedom loving people of the world.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan reiterate that we have not committed aggression against anyone; rather we are the victims of brutal foreign aggression.

Our beloved homeland is invaded, and it has become our religious and national obligation to defend our creed, country and our lives. Since we are on the right path, we have no option of retreat or giving-up our justified struggle.

Therefore, the tyrant and illegitimate foreign occupiers should definitely reconsider their arrogant stance, and should unconditionally withdraw their forces from our beloved homeland!!!

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