May 25, 2020

Stooges and clear opposition to peace

Stooges and clear opposition to peace

Over the past two days, two key officials of the incumbent Kabul administration expressed in clear terms that the governor of Arg Palace has no intention of finding a peaceful solution to the Afghan crisis and all his efforts are aimed at fueling the fire of war.

At a time when the negotiation process in Qatar has reached a decisive stage and the hopes of peace have rekindled in the hearts of our compatriots, the impotent ruler of Arg Palace (Ashraf Ghani) not only voiced his opposition to the negotiation process during an interview in Switzerland but also made other irresponsible remarks.

Following this, the first running mate of his election team also backed the cries of war during his speech to a ‘Peace’ conference in Kabul by making it unequivocally clear that they do not believe in the peace process and will continue fighting even when America withdraws from Afghanistan. But he has unfortunately forgotten that the withdrawal of America means that her trained mercenaries and spies will also be withdrawing from Afghanistan and he will not be afforded an opportunity to worsen the security situation.

The anti-peace comments by Ashraf Ghani and his running mate has put on display the ugly characteristic of their team whom readily accept every order of their foreign masters but can never tolerate a peaceful life for Afghans. They have absolutely no relation or empathy with this nation and just as their monthly salaries are dependent of others so too are their fealty, ideology and values alien. That is why they seek security for Washington and New York but the continuation of war for Kabul and Kandahar.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is of the belief that the withdrawal of America from Afghanistan will end the crisis plaguing our country. The Afghan nation that has suffered from the misery of war will never allow any puppet or a honorless spy to keep the fire of war lit. Our believing and freedom-loving nation have great experience in beating and forcing out foreign agents. If the masters of agents are unable to withstand the Jihadi determination of this people, how would it be possible for their stooges to continue mischief?

The entire nation understands that the opposition and propaganda against peace by the treasonous stooges are their last-ditch efforts birthed by their helplessness. The individuals and parties from the political class of our country who feel the pain of this nation and believe in a peaceful Afghanistan shall march in unison towards peace and dash all hopes of the enemies of peace, Allah willing.

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