April 08, 2020

The presence of American forces is the root cause of instability in Afghanistan

The presence of American forces is the root cause of instability in Afghanistan

American forces are the root cause of instability in Afghanistan. We have seen what the Americans did when they invaded Afghanistan. The legitimate government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was overthrown by the global coalition of invaders under the leadership of the Americans and a puppet regime comprising different warlords and human rights abusers was installed in Kabul and imposed on ordinary Afghans who till date reject its rule. The Americans in Afghanistan have been creating problems from the first day of their intervention and the only way to solve the puzzle of instability in Afghanistan is the complete withdrawal of the Americans forces from Afghanistan. The American democracy which in fact is hypocrisy has failed and the entire world has seen that states cannot be built through militias, thugs and criminals the Americans have been experimenting with. The state of affairs is such that the puppet regime in Kabul is the most corrupt in the world and still has no morals or shame. The regime is against the will of the ordinary Afghans and is only surviving due to the foreign occupiers.

The presence of the Americans forces is also a threat for regional stability because we have seen how the Americans have helped the extremist cult of Daesh militias in Afghanistan through their bases to spread the terror in our country and the neighboring countries. But the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, all praise belong to Allah, have foiled their evil designs by safeguarding the borders of Afghanistan and not allowing anyone use the Afghan soil against anyone else.

The Americans always came to the rescue of the extremists Daesh gangs whenever they were about to be routed by the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The Americans aid to Daesh gangs is the clear example of how they seek to spread mischief in the region in order to prolong their invasion of Afghanistan.

The Trump administration and the American policy makers in Washington and Langley need to understand that Afghanistan has become their second Vietnam and even worse but not only militarily but financially as well. The days of the American intervention in other countries will be over if the invasion of Afghanistan prolongs because it will drain the American power further like it has done in the past 18 years. If the American forces do not leave Afghanistan, they will face the same resistance and ferocious attacks by the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate no matter how many more decades it takes.

The equation is simple for the Americans to understand; the solution to the long lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan is the withdrawal of the American forces from our homeland.

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