July 05, 2020

6 civilians martyred, 2 injured in U.S aggression 

6 civilians martyred, 2 injured in U.S aggression 

KAPISA, Jan. 11 – Three civilians including 2 women have been brutally martyred during a nighttime aggression in Kapisa province.

The combined U.S aggressors and their puppets barged in on the defenseless civilians in the middle of the night in Tagab district of Kapisa province, blowing up the gates and oppressing the noncombatant civilians while robbing them of their wealth and valuables.

In a report from northern Balkh province, 1 woman was martyred and 2 children got wounded in the U.S airstrikes in Kishindih district of northern Balkh province on Friday.

In northern Badakhshan province, 2 civilians were martyred when the enemy targeted the residential area in Wurduj district of northern Badakhshan province on Friday.

According to a report from northern Kunduz province, 5 civilians were taken captives amid a nighttime raid by joint enemy in Khanabad district of the province last night.

Similarly, 3 civilians were abducted from their houses amid a nighttime aggression by the joint enemy in Gilan district of southern Ghazni province last night.

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