July 13, 2020

US invaders and their hirelings destroy mosque and martyr 15 civilians in Kunduz, Laghman and Kapisa

US invaders and their hirelings destroy mosque and martyr 15 civilians in Kunduz, Laghman and Kapisa

In continuing cycle of war crimes and crimes against humanity, the criminal American invaders and their trained internal mercenaries once again raided civilian targets in Kunduz, Kapisa and Laghman provinces during which they destroyed and damaged multiple homes, a mosque and a madrasa on top of martyring 15 innocent civilians including 2 women.

The first incident took place in Chuqor Qushlaq area of Kunduz capital where US invaders and Kabul admin intelligence troops raided a religious seminary (madrasa) during which they ruthlessly executed 6 students in their sleep, beat up a number of students and teachers before abducting 4 students and another teacher.

The second incident took place in Laghman province where combined foreign and internal forces raided Gorhgandi area of Alingar district during which they destroyed a mosque and multiple homes in this bitter cold season, ruthlessly murdered 6 civilians (Malak Miya Nur, Muhammad Wali, Mardi Khan, Sher Muhammad, Khairullah and Gul Khan) and wounded 3 (Sarwar, Qadir and Shamir) on top of beating, torturing and causing damages to the locals.

The third crime happened in Kapisa province where foreign invaders and their hirelings raided Badrab and Se Padar areas of Tagab district during which they destroyed multiple homes, looted valuables and ruthlessly executed a villager named Wasi Ullah along with 2 female members of his family.

These crimes are taking place as the year 2019 also saw the foreign invaders and their trained mercenaries such as Zero One, Zero Two and other CIA paid death squads martyr a total of 5423 civilians, injure 3284 and destroy 102 mosques, 11 religious seminaries, 18 schools, 20 clinics, 1650 homes, 1719 shops and 881 vehicles.


Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

14/05/1441 Hijri Lunar

19/10/1398 Hijri Solar                   09/01/2019 Gregorian

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