May 24, 2020

Islamic governance — sole remedy to current crisis

Islamic governance — sole remedy to current crisis

The current crisis gripping our beloved homeland Afghanistan has reached a peak. If on the on hand our country is occupied and our people barred from having ownership and controlling affairs of their own land, on the other the economic, cultural, ethical and other facets of daily life are also worrying and rapidly deteriorating.

Unemployment is at an all-time high in cities and rural areas, poverty is ballooning while investment and money is controlled by those political and financial elites that are blessed and supported by the occupiers. They have gained a monopoly over financial and production resources, are usurping national treasures and government lands, robbing banks and skinning the oppressed nation to their bones through corruption and extortion. This vicious cycle has led to a very few individuals hording all the wealth and investing it in foreign lands while national treasure is squandered and the common people continue to languish in poverty.

The regime in power is so incapable and untrustworthy in the field of trade that is has failed in finding a market for fresh fruit and produce even as everyone understands that our national economy is agriculturally driven and majority of our people live off profit derived from orchards and farming. This year thousands of metric tonnes of watermelons, pomegranates, grapes and other fruits were wasted because there was no plan in place for helping poor farmers reach a market.

In the sphere of culture and moral bankruptcy, a number of educational facilities, media outlets and supposed civil activists are trying in concert to attack and defame our Islamic customs while documented evidence of immorality by regime officials is flooding the media and staining the honor of our entire country. Cultural invasion and unemployment are damaging the morality of our younger generation, degrading their traditional values and promoting foreign culture and ideals.

The American-backed stooge regime previously only held international records in corruption but now it has attained such notoriety in other fields as well. As an example, a recent survey claims that Kabul has the worst air-pollution compared to any capital in the world.

And to top it all off – the political crisis, uncertainty and the rapidly worsening situation are realities no one can turn a blind eye to. The true cause of all this misery is that our people, country and governance system have been perverted from its correct course and structure. Our nation is a Muslim nation who believe that salvation in this world and the hereafter lie in following an Islamic system however the current stooges in power have imposed foreign political, economic and cultural ideas upon them.

The Islamic Emirate is of the belief that if the true yearning of this Muslim nation is accepted, a free, sovereign and Islamic governance of their choice established, Islamic justice implemented and Islamic law adhered to economically, educationally, culturally, judicially and in all walks of life, then all the current misery will come to an end and our people will be blessed with enduring bliss, dignity and joy.

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