May 24, 2020

Election or repeat of selection scandal

Election or repeat of selection scandal

Recently the supposed election process initiated by the stooge regime has intensified in Kabul and other major cities of the country and the media is also giving it a lot of coverage. This as the memories violations and corruption of the previous parliamentary elections are still fresh in the minds of the people and all members of the election commission are imprisoned for fraud. The stooge regime officials are again confidently assuring people of transparent elections and are propagating that the future of Afghanistan is intertwined with it

If formerly it was only the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan that considered elections in the presence of invaders as the prolongation of war and occupation and misleading the nation, today after many experiences, they are joined by the various stratum of society, international organizations and even a large number of senior regime officials who call this process a waste of time and money in these prevailing conditions and can achieve nothing other than quench the thirst of a few power hungry actors.

There are a lot of proofs for the above claims. A strong justification is the 2014 elections where our nation and the international community observed hundreds of millions of dollars spent twice on the election process but in the end, all the ballots were declare null and void and the head of Arg was selected in the US embassy and announced by the US secretary of state.

Looking at the current realities, they are far too distant from the expected conditions for any credible elections to take place. The people are fed up with the stooge regime, fake candidates and fraudulent elections and they do not wish to participate in casting ballots. On the other hand, both Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah teams are trying their best to expertly utilize fraud in this process for their advantage. This forecasts that the current elections will be far more controversial, scandalous and fraudulent than the previous ones and the end result shall again be declaring the process null and void and power split amongst candidates with the “intermediation” of the invaders.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan rejects all elections under the shadow of occupation and calls on all fellow compatriots, influential personalities and political parties to boycott this fraudulent process because it will only serve to deepen the Afghan crisis and nothing else. We hope that our vigilant nation will declare a complete boycott of the election process and crush hopes of the enemy just as the years past.

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