May 25, 2020

An inclusive interview with Moulavi Qudratullah Abu-Hamza – governor of Balkh province

An inclusive interview with Moulavi Qudratullah Abu-Hamza – governor of Balkh province

An in-depth interview has been conducted with Moulavi Qudratullah Abu-Hamza, the honorable governor of the northern Balkh province about the Jihadi developments, achievements and various other related issues. Our esteemed readers are invited to read this interview in the following lines:


Question: Mr. Abu-Hamza, you are most welcomed. If you could tell us about the military situation of Balkh province as well as the significant developments and Jihadi achievements there?

Answer: بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم، الحمد لله وحده و صلوة و السلام علی من لا نبی بعده، اما بعد

I would like to say that Balkh is one of the most important and central provinces in the north of Afghanistan. It has its strategic position due to its geographic and military situation in the north of the country. This is the reason that it is given topmost attention and priority by the enemy forces. The American and German foreign occupying forces are stationed here. The Shaheen Corps comprising nearly thirty thousand mercenary forces also exist here. But despite all this heavy presence of the enemy forces and their contingents, the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate enjoy a very high morale as their Jihadi activities and achievements are progressing by leaps and bounds.

It is worth reminding that the strategic Balkh province consists of fourteen administrative units or districts. Balkh district itself is the central districts and the others are as follow:

Chahar-Bolak, Chamtal, Charkont, Daulat-Abad, Dehdadi, Zari, Shor-Tapa, Kaldar, Sholgarah, Kishindih, Alburz, and Nahr-i-Shahi.

Khulm district was the part of this province, but now it has been connected with the neighboring Samangan province.

As far as Jihadi developments and achievements are concerned, I would like to say that during last three years, large areas have been conquered and liberated by Mujahidin in the wake of ‘Al-Fath’ Jihadi operations. Eighty nine percent areas of five districts of this province, namely Chamtal, Chahar-Bolak, Zari, Kishindih and Doulat-Abad are now under Mujahidin control. The enemy forces and their jurisdiction have largely been confined only the centers of these districts. The enemy cannot dare come out of their centers to carry out any military operations or make any threat or difficulty for our heroic Mujahidin. Actually they are totally besieged .

There are four other districts whose seventy percent areas are controlled by Mujahidin and their names are Nahr-i-Shahi, Sholgara, Shor-Tapa and the central Balkh district. There are two districts which are liberated by Mujahidin namely Shahi and Alburz. And there are two other districts like Marmol and Dehdadi, in which Mujahidin have widespread presence by carrying out their operational activities.

During last year, we had our Jihadi operations in two dimensions of Balkh province. On one side was in the north of Balkh province where vast areas of the central Balkh district, Daulat-Abad and Nahr-i-Shahi districts are situated. We were also carrying out our operations in the upper areas of Sholgara and Kishindih districts. The operations in the central Balkh district, Nahr-i-Shahi and Daulat-Abad districts were so successful that only the centers of these districts remained under the enemy’s control. There were two important military posts in Nahr-i-Shahi district which were considered the defensive frontline of ‘Mazar-i-Sharif’ city. These posts were also conquered and controlled by our heroic Mujahidin.

The enemy had lost their morale as they thought that Mujahidin are launching attacks on ‘Mazar-i-Sharif city, the capital of Balkh province. For this purpose they built some military bases and posts so that the city could be defended. But with the passage of time, all the notorious Arbaki militias and other mercenary forces were defeated and annihilated by our Mujahidin. Vast areas were liberated which are now under Mujahidin’s control. All unrestrained Arbaki militiamen and other stooge commanders were defeated and removed from Turkamani Shahrak, Comparak and Siya-Gard areas. All these areas are now under Mujahidin control and they are eagerly waiting for the control of ‘Mazar-i-Shari’ city, the capital of Balkh province.

In the upper areas of Sholgara and Kishindih districts, Jihadi operations were carried out by Mujahidin in which all military posts and bases of the enemy forces were conquered and all adjacent areas liberated. There were some military posts of the unrestrained Arbaki militiamen and other mercenaries in Kishindih district which were also conquered by Mujahidin. Now Mujahidin can easily and openly move in the fifty kilometer radius of the main road. All roads between Sholgara, Balkh, Zari, Kishindih and Dara-i-Suf district (part of Samangan province) are open for Mujahidin movements. These areas are liberated and fully controlled by Mujahidin and now we have setup a good system of revenues there.

This year we had two or three important tasks or objectives. One of them was the removal of the enemy posts from the main roads of Balkh, Jowzjan, Faryab and Badghis provinces. Among them, five or six bases and key posts were conquered and controlled by Mujahidin. One of their notorious and key commander, named commander Aman, was killed. Three military tanks were destroyed in these posts along with one APC captured by Mujahidin in operational condition. In addition, huge amount of heavy and light weapons and ammunition were also seized from the enemy possession.

Our next main operations were carried out on the center of Zari district, in which the security headquarters and all the relevant defense posts were conquered resulting in two APCs and ranger type vehicles destroyed and nearly forty enemy forces killed while fourteen more injured. In addition, four mercenaries were detained and more than thirty barrels of light and heavy weapons were seized by our heroic Mujahidin. In these operations, the so called police chief of Zari district was critically injured and died sometimes later.

Our third major Jihadi operations were carried out against security headquarters and defense posts of Shor-Tapa district. These operations were eve more successful than our expectations, in which the district security headquarters was conquered including its defensive military posts. We had great achievements in Shor-Tapa district in which more than forty internal enemies were killed while fourteen others were arrested. Among them, two were badly injured and consequently released on the basis of human sympathy and goodwill gesture, while the remaining twelve persons are still in our custody. In these operations too, nearly thirty barrels of light and heavy weapons and their ammunition were seized by Mujahidin. On the other hand, by the grace of Allah Almighty, our Mujahidin suffered no significant losses or casualties in these Jihadi operations. Only two of our colleagues had minor injuries in Zari district operations. This was a special blessing of Allah Almighty that such huge operations were carried out in such vast areas, in which heavy casualties and financial losses were inflicted on the enemy while all of our courageous Mujahidin remained safe and sound.

Though the enemy had turned their full attention to Balkh province by raiding population areas and as soon as the fighting would start fighter jets would appear on the sky to provide support to the demoralized internal mercenary forces. But since we were carrying out our program and operations according to a well-prepared strategy therefore all their efforts were in-vain.

Zari district is a mountainous region in the south of ‘Mazar-i-Shari’ city. Whenever we carried out Jihadi operations there, by the grace of Allah Almighty, they used to be very successful. Whenever the enemy used to increase pressure in the area, we used to open new fronts for them in Shor-Tapa district which is situated in the north of Balkh province on the joint border of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Overall we can say that despite all kinds of pressures and military tactics adopted by the enemy forces, our operations were quite successful in Balkh province. All this was due to the deep sincerity of our devoted Mujahidin which invoked the blessings and support of Allah Almighty resulting in tremendous victories and achievements for us.


Question: Besides successful Jihadi operations, what are your main achievements in the field of education? How many schools, madrassas and other educational institutions are operational in the area, and what is your contribution?

Answer: Regarding education and learning process, we can say that nearly every district and every village has a madrassa or learning center. Besides madrassas, there are schools in each area and locality. A new center has been built for orphans in Balkh province, in which numerous orphan children, i.e. the sons of those Mujahidin who fought against the previous invaders and those who fought and sacrificed their lives against the present invaders are studying in this madrassa. The Education Commission of the Islamic Emirate is helping out in supplying food and other requirements of the students as well as salaries of the teachers working there.

In addition, we can say that similar madrassas were built in fourteen other districts of the province. We are also paying proper attention to schools. More than thirty schools are working in the above mentioned districts. As per the population of the each and every district, three to four schools are operational there. We are deeply concerned about the education and learning of the people. A large percentage of our revenues go to schools and madrassas. Recently, we allocated a substantial amount of eight million Afghani (local currency) from our revenues and this amount was handed over to the Education Commission of the Islamic Emirate for spending it accordingly.

We have remarkable achievements in the field of education and learning. In the span of previous one year, twenty madrassas were prepared and opened for the students. The construction work of nearly thirty schools is completed and the students are getting education there. We, in our capacity and the in-charge of Education Department of the Islamic Emirate are fully aware and active about the revival and further improvement of education and learning process in all the areas under our jurisdiction.


Question: If you could tell us about your achievements in the field of reconstruction, as what progress has been made in this regard during last year?

Answer: In the field of reconstruction, a lot of work has been done in building and repairing small bridges and roads from Balkh city to Shahi district, from Shor-Tapi to Balkh and Chahar-Bolak districts. Even presently, the construction work is going on the main roads in Chamtal district which were in very a bad condition due to the negligence of the stooge regime authorities. The construction work is in progress on the forty kilometer-long road stretching from the central Balkh district to Shahi district. Our admin is deeply interested and concerned about making and repairing roads and bridges to facilitate the common masses of our country. Some minor roads which were damaged due the presence of enemy’s military bases or other posts and were creating difficulties for the ordinary people, were also repaired by our people. Even today, repair work is in progress on one road in Chamtal district.


Question: If you could tell us about your administrative setup in the liberated areas, as which of your departments or organs are active in the newly conquered areas?

Answer: All the respective commissions which are setup by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and operational in other areas of the country, they are also working in all those areas which are liberated from the enemy forces in the recent past. For example, district heads are appointed in all those districts which are newly conquered by our heroic Mujahidin. Their deputies, the education directors, and in-charge of local and international NGOs are appointed. On the provincial level, we have a complete setup for Balkh province. On the district levels, directors have been appointed for all the respective departments. Only Dehdadi district is left which is situated near Mazar-i-Sharif, the capital city of Balkh province, as fighting is still going on there. With the exception of this one district, we have a complete administrative setup for all the remaining districts. As our Mujahidin are highly committed and devoted to their cause and mission, therefore, they are paying full attention to their respective responsibilities and no stone is left unturned in facilitating the noble masses of our country, as they have already suffered a lot for the previous several decades due to illegitimate and brutal foreign occupation and the subsequent chaos. If the administrative setup of a province is complete and every responsible person is discharging his duties without any interference from outside, then the work goes very smoothly; and this is the main principle of our co-operation with one another. By the grace of Almighty Allah, I am fully satisfied with all my colleagues and subordinates regarding their works and duties!!!


In the end, we thanked Moulavi Qudratullah Abu-Hamza for sparing his precious time and giving us this information and inclusive interview.

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