September 21, 2019

Islamic Emirate is not a group, but a Government

Islamic Emirate is not a group, but a Government

The opposition and media have been propagating over the past two decades that the Islamic Emirate is a rebellious group that is hostile towards education, does not respect basic human rights, does not have capacity of good governance, and cannot provide services, welfare projects, justice and security. Basically the Islamic Emirate is not fit to take responsibility for the administrative and political stewardship of a country.

However just as the Islamic Emirate proved to be an effective government during its reign despite all the pressures, imposed wars, international sanctions and a multitude of impediments, it again has displayed ability of providing a just Islamic system conforming to all the principles of a government in the 70% of land it currently controls.

It is not only us who claim that the Islamic Emirate is providing a secure and just Islamic governance in areas of our control, but a number of western media outlets and research groups have also come to the same conclusion and are broadcasting this reality after extensive research.

On June the 21st 2018, the famous American newspaper ‘The Washington Post’ published a report stating that the Taliban had built a sophisticated government with commissions for health, education, justice and finance. The said report adds that the Taliban rule vast swaths of Afghanistan, are careful in their dealings and is far more concerned with influencing people. Taliban have shifted from coercion to providing services to people and views itself as preparing to govern the country.

The western research agency ‘Overseas Development Institute’ that analyzes development projects in various locations around the world also published a paper two weeks earlier about the administrative structure and specifically the Justice system of the Taliban. The report based on interviews with 160 people has labeled the education, health and other development services in areas under the control of Islamic Emirate as a success.

These and other such reports prove that contrary to enemy propaganda, the Islamic Emirate is a just movement committed to the welfare, development and success of its fellow countrymen and operates as a coherent government system. This movement is born from among its people, has deep roots among its nation compared to any other political project and understands their pains, sufferings and aspirations better than anyone else.

The people around the world and the international community at large must not view the Islamic Emirate as an insignificant rebellious group with no popular backing. The Islamic Emirate is not some supposed underground fighting group but is a complete administrative body that has the unprecedented support of the Afghan masses and carries regional political weight and credibility.

America and those participating in this occupation must detest from fooling themselves any further and labeling our national uprising (Jihad) as terrorism to continue giving themselves a pretext for extending the war.

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