January 20, 2020

The cheerleaders of Trump in Kabul

The cheerleaders of Trump in Kabul

After the cancellation of peace talks by Donald Trump through an announcement in a tweet, it has received very negative response from the people of Afghanistan because they now understand the war mongering invaders are behind the prevalent crisis in Afghanistan.

Out of all Afghans, there is a small group of people based in Kabul under the umbrella of CIA who are using different platforms provided to them by the invaders to praise Trump’s decision on peace talks and they are cheer leading for him. It is not a surprise that these puppets are praising Donald Trump because these are the same people who applauded Donald Trump when he dropped the mother of all bombs in Afghanistan.

Donald Trump has further damaged the credibility of his administration and fully exposed his evil satanic agenda of prolonging the war in Afghanistan which will cause further death and destruction to America.

The current regime in Kabul is so shameless that they have been whining about being neglected in peace talks for the past 9 months without knowing about any details yet they are cheer leading Trump because they cannot survive without American presence of Americans.

The regime in Kabul is composed of CIA clients, mercenaries and corrupt warlords have their own self serving interests and do not care about the interests of common Afghans. Recent International surveys have shown the dismal situation of the country because of this corrupt and criminal regime in Kabul.

The cancellation of peace talks will only be harmful for the invaders and regime because these kinds of moves will not deter the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from it’s resolve of achieving independence and freedom of Afghanistan from the clutches of the foreigners.

The cheerleaders of Donald Trump in Kabul are political tourists who don’t have see a future for themselves in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of foreign forces and this is what makes them worry and why they seem so happy that peace talks are cancelled.

The arrogant Americans will have to come to the negotiating table sooner or later because they know that they have lost the battle militarily. Looking at the current morale of the forces of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan it seems that they are going to encircle all the major cities and as we have seen that in the past one week alone, five districts have been liberated from the stooge administration.

More than 18 years ago The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan offered to talk to the Americans at the negotiating table with dignity and respect but the arrogance of then American President led to the longest war in the history of America. Today as peace talks are cancelled, those in Kabul who are cheer leading the Americans should know that they will be brought to justice for their national treason and the Americans should know understand that even if it takes another 18 years, the Afghans will fight until the achievement of complete freedom of Afghanistan.

The only solution to this puzzle for the Americans is the full withdrawal of their forces from Afghanistan. Even if a single US soldier remains in Afghanistan, the war of freedom and war against injustice, tyranny and evil will continue.

There is an Afghan proverb that says – you may have the watches but we have the time. Mujahideen have the time because this is their homeland and they quite frankly do not care about any shiny watch the US may possess.

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