April 08, 2020

Occupation and Ceasefire!!

Occupation and Ceasefire!!

The US president proclaimed that he suspended negotiations with the Islamic Emirate because they were unwilling to accept a ceasefire and added that there are better ways to achieve progress in talks!! True, war-mongers always see war and terror a much better alternative to diplomatic solutions.

War in our beloved homeland has been initiated by America and has she has reached for every imaginable terror, duplicity and deception in order to keep the conflict going. If America sincerely wishes to see the war end then it must pull out all troops from our land because Afghans have not entered America to wage war rather it is America that has invaded Afghanistan, murdered, maimed, imprisoned and displaced hundreds of thousands of Afghans and continues to seek false excuses for prolonging this war.

The Afghan resistance under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate is but a reaction to the American invasion. Sans occupation, we had comprehensive and exemplary security, central governance and fair judiciary but the invasion not only brought down all our values, it also ignited the flames of war. Unless the occupation ceased, the war will not see an end. We are religiously and inherently obligated to continue our Jihad until the complete expulsion of invaders.

Agreeing on a ceasefire prior to any formal agreement and guarantees will not only fail to end the hardships of Afghans but it will only prolong and strengthen the occupation. Unfortunately, the juvenile enemy continues to harbor grand dreams of achieving success in this Graveyard of Empires.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has repeatedly made it absolutely clear that the aim of this Jihad is the end of occupation and establishment of an Islamic government. Our national and religious obligation shall continue unabated until we attain these clear-cut objectives, Allah willing.

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