February 26, 2020

Inappropriate remarks of NATO Secretary General

Inappropriate remarks of NATO Secretary General

On 21st of June the Secretary General of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Jens Stoltenberg declared during the London conference that peace can only be achieved in Afghanistan in the presence of foreign forces.

This comes as all strata of the Afghan society have come to a realization that the main cause of war is the presence of foreign forces and all sides seek their withdrawal from our country. The NATO Secretary General said: The way to achieve peace is not to leave Afghanistan. The way to achieve peace is to stay. The Taliban must be beaten on the battlefield so that they realize they cannot win. Foreign troops are in Afghanistan for this purpose.

There are a few things that must be mentioned in response to the inappropriate remarks of Jens Stoltenberg.

– The assertion of Stoltenberg that peace in Afghanistan can only be achieved in the presence of foreign forces is unjustifiable. If peace were possible in the presence of foreign occupation than it could have easily been achieved over the past seventeen years and the history of Afghanistan proves that peace has never been attained so long as our homeland has been under a foreign occupation.

– The thought of breaking and defeating the Taliban is an elusive dream which has been chased by the invaders for years on end without having anything to show for it. Taliban is not some group but is another name of the Afghan nation. An entire nation that fervently loves their religion and independence can never be defeated militarily or be driven to exhaustion on the battlefield. Our nation has a history of waging generational struggles and the NATO Secretary General can ask the British and Soviets more questions in this regard.

– As one of the main party to this war, the remarks of NATO Secretary General prove that this Jihad is not an intra-Afghan war but a struggle between foreign invaders and the Afghan nation. It also proves that the true decision about war and peace is in the hands of foreign invaders who are merely using internal hirelings as facemasks for peace and ceasefire. The stooges of invaders who claim independence in matters of possessing decision making powers about peace and war should have displayed their reactions to such remarks if they truly were independent. However we saw nothing of the sort and they failed to respond to the war mongering efforts of NATO chief.

– The marchers and sit-inners for peace – no matter why and for whom they have risen – must listen carefully to the words of the Secretary General of NATO and understand the true nature of the issue at hand. As they exclusively seek peace from Taliban, they should understand that peace has been taken for ransom by the invaders. The invaders still believe in war and openly declare that they seek peace through war. They are not seeking the end of this war but are looking for ways to indefinitely extend their barbaric transgression.

In order that the main cause of war is eradicated, we should be reinforcing the calls of freedom and independence instead of abstract peace. The military pressure being applied by Mujahideen must be accompanied by social pressure. The presence of foreign troops must explicitly be called an occupation so that the invaders are forced to withdraw and the main factor of war is uprooted.

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