August 21, 2019

The Newton Laws of Kabul – The rowdier you are, the bigger share of government you shall have

The Newton Laws of Kabul – The rowdier you are, the bigger share of government you shall have

Ever since the bipolar regime of Kabul was christened by John Kerry we have witnessed an ever-growing rift within this dysfunctional government. This bickering has reached such a state that officials are now increasing hurling public insults at each other. On the one hand the war-criminal Rasheed Dostum is bemoaning his lack of power in the government while on the other hand Abdullah Abdullah is accusing Ashraf Ghani of not consulting him in decision-making and empowering his clansmen in key government and commercial positions. Even middle-ranking officials are not immune to this petty-meddling and regularly hurl insults at one another. The hostility of these officials has become so toxic that now we are witnessing open battles between government officials in Kabul’s streets.

Two days ago Ashraf Ghani held the independence ceremony in Arg (Presidential Palace) while Abdullah Abdullah held a separate ceremonial gathering in the Defense Ministry. Both invited foreign dignitaries to their respective gatherings and celebrated their supposed independence. While this show of disunity was taking place Kabul residents were witnessing open street battles between Police forces and armed supporters of Deen Muhammad Jurat which resulted in the death of four policemen.

The militia members of Jurat opened fire on police officers after the latter refused their entry to Auranos Hotel. A hotel located in the 15th district of Kabul which is regularly frequented by foreigners. Residents noted that this is not the first time such armed battles have taken place in the capital. According to them other dignitaries and governments officials have in the past also clashed with security forces causing serious bodily harm or even death.

When the government is such a state that each head of government is holding separate and competing ceremonial gatherings and publicly lauding their dependence on foreign forces and lack of independence while outside their affiliated militias are fighting armed gun battles, then is it conceivable that Afghans will ever consider recognizing them as the legitimate rulers of the land? Do such subservient and narrow-minded officials deserve the reins of power? How can foreigners stomach such a shameless and toothless government let alone support it?

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