February 18, 2020

What did the Indonesia conference prove?

What did the Indonesia conference prove?

For the past few months the United States and the Kabul regime were looking at gathering a conference of Islamic religious scholars in Indonesia with the hopes of eliciting a fatwa (religious decree) declaring Jihad against the American occupation in Afghanistan as illegal.

This conference attended by scholars from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia was finally convened on May 11th in Bogo city of Indonesia and the media was propagating that a fatwa will finally be passed against the Jihad of the Afghan nation. But when the final statement from the conference was released, it was made abundantly clear that neither was a fatwa passed against the Afghan Jihad nor was the American occupation given any legitimacy. The statement only pointed to common advice about how both parties to the conflict should avoid causing civilian losses and on ways of bringing the conflict to an end peacefully. Even though the conference was convened at the request and expense of the United States and her political backers but the scholars still refused to pass a fatwa against the ongoing Jihad. From this one can clearly deduct that the ongoing Jihad against the American occupation is a reality which no sane person will ever dare deem illegitimate nor can they find any proof otherwise.

There is a rational and legal law that states ‘silence in a topic is a statement of approval’. That the religious scholars adopted silence in the matter of Jihad – although the purpose of their gathering was to elicit a fatwa from them on its illegitimacy – clearly shows their approval, not their rejection, while proving once and for all that the struggle of the Afghan nation against the American invasion is not only legitimate but an individual obligation.

The invaders, their supporters, the countries involved in occupation of our land and the common folk must learn an important lesson from the Indonesia conference. Our struggle for independence against the occupation is neither some act of terrorism nor the rebellion of a few. On the contrary, this is the uprising of a freedom seeking nation which is called Jihad in Islamic religious lexicon.

The Islamic Emirate declares to all the invading countries and their allies to pay serious consideration to the clear demands and concerns of the Afghan nation upon which their struggle for freedom (Jihad) gains legitimacy. They must understand that our Jihad is based on clear religious, scholarly and rational foundations. A struggle which holds religious sanctity in the eyes of the entire nation, dying for it is seen as martyrdom and is a cause of honor in this life and the next – history has shown that such resistance has never been completely pacified. Therefore it would be better for the invaders to pursue the path of peace and show respect for the demands of freedom by the Afghan nation.

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