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Afghanistan in the month of April 2018

Afghanistan in the month of April 2018

N.B. As usual only those incidents and events are including in this article that confirmed and admitted by the enemy too. It is worth-reminding that one should visit ‘Alemarah’, the official website of the Islamic Emirate on the daily basis to find about the exact and detailed casualties and losses of the enemy.

During April 2018, the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate had magnificent achievements throughout the country, whereas the savage foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces remained mainly focused on torturing and killing the innocent and defenseless people. To implement their new strategy of massacre, hundreds of civilian people including students of madrassa were brutally martyred while tens of villages were demolished. During this month, the ‘Al-Khandaq’ Jihadi operations were also launched by the devoted Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. These and various other topics are elaborated under the following headings for our esteemed readers.

Losses and casualties of foreign invaders:

In the recent past, the wicked foreign invaders usually do not admit or announce their losses and casualties for maintaining the morale of their forces and keeping their people ignorant about the prevailing ground realities in the ongoing war inside Afghanistan. But still…..

On Wednesday 11th April, media reported by quoting the American defense department that losses and casualties of their forces have increased due to intensification of war against Taliban.

On Monday 30th April, a military convoy of the savage foreign invaders was brought under a meticulous and fatal attack by the courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in ‘Damaan’ district of Kandahar province, in which five foreign soldiers were killed as confirmed by the stooge admin sources. But the wicked foreign enemy admitted only one of their casualty during the whole span of April. In this way, the total number of their casualties became two since the beginning of this year.

But the reality is otherwise. Had the number of their casualties remained only two during the previous four months, the foreign enemy wouldn’t have warned about their losses being increased due to the intensification of war inside Afghanistan. Indubitably their casualties have significantly increased recently which has made them deeply concerned.

Losses and casualties of the stooge enemy:

During April, hundreds of internal mercenaries were killed and wounded. In the following lines some incidents are elaborated just as a handful out of a heap:

On Sunday 8th April, a commander of a military post was targeted and killed by Mujahidin in a guerrilla attack inside the central Kandahar city.

On Thursday 12th April, a number of stooge forces including the security in-charge and governor of ‘Khawaja Umri’ district in Ghazni province.

On the following day, a police commander including ten other policemen were killed in ‘Shindand’ district of Herat province.

On Saturday 14th April, the security chief of ‘Shahr-i-Safa’ district in Zabul province was killed.

On Sunday 15th April, a notorious Arbaki commander including his eleven other militiamen were killed by Mujahidin in ‘Sang Charak’ district of Saripul province.

On Wednesday 18th April, a commander of the resolute support mission was killed in Kandahar province.

On the following day, a commander of the border security force was killed by Mujahidin in ‘Spin Boldak’ district of Kandahar province.

On Sunday 22nd April, the security chief of ‘Chahar Bolak’ district in Kandahar province became the target of Mujahidin’s attack and was killed.

Two days later, a brutal and notorious commander, related to Jamiat party, was killed by Mujahidin in ‘Almaar’ district of Faryab province.

On Wednesday 25th April, a crucial commander of the national security organ was killed in a guerrilla attack of Mujahidin in the ninth circle in the central Kandahar city.

And on the following day, the deputy governor of Logar province was killed in a fatal attack of Mujahidin in the area.

Torture, losses and casualties of civilian people:

As reported by the organ for ‘the prevention of civilian losses and casualties’, 443 innocent people were killed and wounded during last month inside Afghanistan. According to the report of this organ, as compared to April, 221 civilians were killed whereas 322 more injured during March 2018.

On Tuesday 10th April, the Kabul Television reported by quoting ‘The Washington Post’ that the American president Donald Trump has ordered his invading forces to remain indifferent about civilian losses and casualties while attacking the Taliban.

On Monday 2nd April, a graduation ceremony in a madrassa in ‘Dasht-i-Archi’ district in Kunduz province was indiscriminately bombed by the savage foreign invaders in collaboration with their internal mercenary forces, in which more than 100 people including students and children were killed, while 200 more were injured.

On Tuesday 10th April, the stooge governor of the puppet regime in Farah province warned the local civilian people either to put up with the brutal operations of the savage foreign invaders or to evacuate their dwelling places.

On Sunday 15th April, thirteen innocent countrymen including children were relentlessly martyred and wounded in the brutal attacks of the savage foreign invaders in ‘Nahr-i-Siraj’ district of Helmand province.

On Thursday 19th April, media reported that two pedestrians were badly hit by the military tanks of the savage foreign invaders in ‘Arzan Qimat’ area inside Kabul city, in which they were seriously injured.

On Sunday 22nd April, another youth was ruthlessly hit by a military tank of the foreign occupying forces inside Kabul, in which he was martyred.

In a separate incident, a woman was martyred during a raid of the savage foreign occupying forces in ‘Khogyani’ district of Nangarhar province.

‘Mansoori Operations’ and the announcement of ‘Al-Khandaq’ Jihadi Operations:

On Sunday 1st April, thirty villages were liberated by Mujahidin from the notorious Arbaki militiamen in ‘Garziwaan’ district of Faryab province.

On Wednesday 4th April, thirty soldiers of the mercenary army were killed while fourteen others were incarcerated by Mujahidin during a successful attack in the center of Uruzgan province.

On Friday 6th April, at least ten mercenary soldiers were killed during a meticulous night attack of Mujahidin on a military post of the enemy near the center of Saripul province.

On Tuesday 10th April, tens of mercenary soldiers were killed during a huge attack of Mujahidin on ’01 Brigade’ of the enemy in ‘Maidan Wardak’ province.

On Thursday 12th April, ‘Khawaja Umri’ district in Ghazni province was liberated and controlled by the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. In these operations, several mercenary forces including the security in-charge and governor of this district were killed.

On Saturday 21st April, a strategic military center of the enemy was conquered by Mujahidin the center of Ghazni province.

On Sunday 22nd April, officials of the stooge admin in Kabul reported that five military posts were controlled by Mujahidin in ‘Pasthtun Kot’ and ‘Bal Chiragh’ district of Faryab province.

Eventually the ‘Mansoori Jihadi operations’ which lasted for more than one year and were fraught with magnificent achievements and conquests for Mujahidin, came to a successful end, and the ‘Al-Khandaq’ Jihadi operations were announced and launched by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on Wednesday 25th April throughout the country.

On the very first day of these newer Jihadi operations, hundreds of major and minor successful attacks were carried out by Mujahidin, in which more than two hundred mercenary forces were killed and wounded, besides inflicting huge financial losses on them.

On Saturday 28th April, a battalion of the mercenary army was attacked by Mujahidin in ‘Nad Ali’ district in Helmand province, in which tens of their soldiers were killed and injured.

On same day, the central bazaar and the security headquarters of ‘Qala-i-Zaal’ district in Kunduz province were liberated and controlled by Mujahidin.

On Sunday 29th April, a drone of the savage foreign occupying forces was brought down and seized by Mujahidin in ‘Rodat’ district of Nangarhar province.

On the same day, the security headquarters of ‘Shah Joey’ district in Zabul province was attacked by Mujahidin, in which a large number of policemen were killed and wounded.

On the same say, media reported that several mercenary forces have fled from a number of military posts in the suburbs of Ghazni city.

On Monday 30th April, a military convoy of the savage foreign occupying forces was brought under a meticulous attack by the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in ‘Damaan’ district of Kandahar province, in which five foreign invaders were killed as confirmed and reported by sources loyal to mercenary forces.

Educational institutes or military barracks:

Once again, reports of misusing schools and madrassas by the mercenary forces as their military barracks were received during last month.

On Wednesday 4th April, it was reported by BBC that forces of the stooge setup have turned educational institutes into their military bases.

Though this issue has been consistently reported by various organs, but the stooge admin in Kabul has taken no serious measures in this regard.

Amalgamation with Mujahidin:

On Saturday 7th April, it was announced that due to the ceaseless efforts of the ‘Invitation and Amalgamation Commission’ of the Islamic Emirate, and having realized the prevailing realities as well as the vicious intentions of the wicked foreign invaders and the malicious vested interests of their internal mercenaries, nearly four hundred people working in various organs of the puppet regime left their jobs and joined Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in various parts of the country.

Afghanistan as testing site for invaders’ bombs:

On Saturday 7th April, the general commander of the wicked foreign occupying forces inside Afghanistan announced that, on the average, fifteen bombs were dropped per day on the helpless and oppressed people of this country during last seven months.

On Wednesday 11th April, the so called defense ministry of the puppet regime declared in a report that everyday nearly seventy operations are carried out by the savage foreign invaders in collaboration with their internal mercenaries.

On Saturday 21st April, the ‘Spogmai Radio’ reported while citing some American sources that during last one month, 399 bombs were dropped in various parts of Afghanistan on the innocent people.

Registration of voters for forthcoming elections:

In the second week of April, registration of voters for the forthcoming parliamentary elections were started. Though besides using force, a huge amount of money was also allotted for this bogus process, but officials of election commission and the executive head of the heterogeneous regime in Kabul expressed their concerns and said that this process is much weaker and slower than expected.

Reports show that in some provinces of the country, the number of registered voters does not exceed 300. Therefore, the stooge admin in Kabul has asked all its officials, teachers as well as students to register themselves in this process whether they like it or not. But still majority of the people have no trust in its transparency, and they are refraining from registering themselves in this bogus process.

The stooge admin in Kabul is using mosques and madrassas for this process, therefore, in some areas, these places have been closed for the worshipers and students which is creating a great havoc for the ordinary people. Moreover, some stooge governors and security chiefs of respective areas have issued warnings that any application or request of those people who refrain from registering their names, will not be accepted in any office of the puppet regime.

It is worth-mentioning that a number of registration centers were attacked during last two weeks by unidentified armed people. Among them……

On Sunday 22nd April, a registration center was attacked by ISIS (locally known as Daish), in ‘Dasht-i-Archi’ area in Kabul, in which more than 100 people were killed and wounded.

Miserable condition of Reporters:

On Sunday 1st April, the head of ‘Nai’, (a private organ supporting open media in Afghanistan), announced that the issues and problems of reporters have increased by 51% during last year as compared to the previous years. He added that by appointing some reporters in official jobs, the puppet regime is trying to stop them from reflecting the prevailing bitter realities by making them silent.

On Wednesday 25th April, a reporter of ‘The Kabul News’ was assassinated in the ninth circle (zone) of Kandahar city by some unknown people.

On Monday 30th April, at least 8 reporters of different news agencies were killed and several other were injured in two consecutive blasts in the heart of Kabul. These attacks were then claimed by ‘Daish’.

On the same day, but in a separate incident, a BBC reporter was killed by the local mercenary campaign forces in Khost province.

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