February 20, 2020

How can administrative corruption be curbed?

How can administrative corruption be curbed?

Recently, a meeting as fourth conference against administrative corruption was held in Kabul initiated by the European Union. Among the prominent speakers of this meeting were Ashraf Ghani, on behalf of the heterogeneous setup, and John Sopko, the head of SIGAR (the Special Inspector General of Afghanistan Reconstruction), representing the American government.

Ashraf Ghani, the head of the stooge regime said that administrative corruption is one of the core issues which has resulted in nourishing numerous adversities inside Afghanistan, thus halting the development of the country. The American envoy John Sopko went a step further than Ashraf Ghani by saying that apparently the ongoing war is considered the greatest issue, but in reality administrative corruption is even a greater affliction, resulting in huge difficulties for the people.

There is no doubt that administrative corruption is an unfortunate phenomenon which has confronted our people with great deprivations in education, judiciary, economy, development and various other walks of life. Rights of millions of Afghans are violated due to this menace. Properties and assets of helpless and oppressed people are appropriated by the usurpers and other corrupt admin mafia. Resources and assets of the public treasury are looted by various frauds and deceptions.

Now the point is that to whom are Ashraf Ghani and John Sopko complaining against this menace!!? Is there anyone else who could be held responsible for spreading this unfortunate phenomena!!? The Afghan people know and realize that prior to the American invasion, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was one of the most honest and trustworthy systems in the world, where administrative corruption had completely vanished.

But these were the American invaders and there stooges, escorted by their helicopters and imposed on the nation, who imported numerous other adversities beside this unfortunate phenomena to our country. It was then intentionally spread according to a well-orchestrated plan through various agreements in all circles of the stooge setup, that now it has been accepted as an ordinary or usual deed. Now as this phenomena has spread through all the wraps and woofs of the stooge setup, by sucking the energy and resources of the country as well the nation, it can never be cured or halted by hollow words and comments of the head of the most corrupt regime and their brutal foreign supporters.

If Ashraf Ghani and the American authorities are really against this negative and unfortunate phenomena, they should look into their own felonious deeds which mainly caused the spread of this epidemic in our country. They should first control the usurpers and corrupt officials imposed by them on our country against the will and consent of the nation. They should first start by sweeping their own doors. Without taking concrete steps, only hollow words and periodic propaganda based conferences can be no remedy for the issue. There is only one way for getting rid of this adversity according to the Mujahid people of Afghanistan; and that is to end the illegitimate foreign occupation which is the root cause of this phenomena, through the Holy Jihad and resistance, and replacing it with a just, transparent and corruption free Islamic System in a sovereign and independent homeland!!!

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