July 06, 2020

Al-Khandaq – bearing glad tidings of victories and conquests

Al-Khandaq – bearing glad tidings of victories and conquests

After the successful completion of Mansouri annual operations, the Islamic Emirate – with the help of Allah Almighty – launched operations named as ‘Al-Khandaq’ on 25th of April 2018 all over the country to bring the enemies to their knees.

On the basis of accurate reports that are being received from around the country every day, Al-Khandaq operations carry the glad tidings of conquests of liberations of districts as well as major military bases. Likewise, tens of puppet regime’s soldiers and local police including several senior officials are also killed every day. Also the series of missile attacks on Bagram Air Base and other American bases is also continuing unabated.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as a defensive force of the country’s religious values and higher interests, considers continuation of legitimate jihad as a legal, moral and defense requirement against the invaders and their local and foreign supporters.

Because the invaders are targeting the defenseless civilians of our nation, martyring religious scholars, Qur’an memorizers, tribal elders and common people as well as mercilessly destroying entire cities, health centers, sacred places, green crops and orchards while keeping thousands of citizens in prisons. Meanwhile the Kabul regime officials are completely ineffective in preventing the horrors of American invaders and in fact they take responsibility of crimes done by the invaders.

So the Islamic Emirates feels it necessary to conduct and launch Al-Khandaq operations for complete destruction of malicious goals of Americans and their puppets and to cleanse our sacred land from the filthy presence and plans of the eternal enemies of Islam.

The Kabul puppet regime and its masters should understand that the foundational stone of the blessed Al-Khandaq operations was cast on 8th of Zilqa’da, 5th A.H., by the Holy Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in order to thwart the joint plans of Jews and Polytheists who wanted to capture the city of Madinah from Muslims. For this purpose they sent 24000 armed soldiers to the boarders of Madinah for war where they fought tooth and nail and used all tools at their disposal however they failed to progress even an inch. Some of them were killed and the rest forced to flee from the battlefield in utter humiliation.

We hope that Allah Almighty, on the basis of this Prophetic Jihadi foundation, strengthen and make effective Mujahideen attacks and victorious operations. To destroy and crush the open and secret plans of the ruthless Americans who seek to extinguish the light of Islam from Afghanistan, and to protect our beloved homeland from the claws of treacherous soldiers and their spies. Amin

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