July 06, 2020

Victims of 399 airstrikes in March

Victims of 399 airstrikes in March

Pentagon has acknowledged with the great pride that over the course of March, they have carried out 399 airstrikes in Afghanistan which is a larger number than bombings in both Iraq and Syria in the same month. The enemy bombardments have resulted in great losses to the nation. On top of the the heavy losses of lives; mosques, madrassas, schools, and clinics are also become legitimate targets for the invaders and Kabul administration.

The life, financial losses and the destruction of homes by the invaders and Kabul regime’s attacks are the facts which the Kabul administration officers are proud about. Trump, the greatest international terrorist, has explicitly ordered his gunmen to disregard civilian’s casualties and instead target women, children and demolish homes even when trying to eliminate a single Mujahid.

Several examples of civilian casualties resulting from enemy attacks in March are as follows:
With the start of the month, March 5th, the invaders and internal forces martyred six civilians and detained thirty during a raid in the Band-e Taimoor area of Maiwand district, Kandahar province.

On March 6th, foreign and internal troops destroyed 3 health centers and looted 100 shops in the Naka district of Paktika province. Tribal leaders of the area also confirmed to the media that the joint forces demolished clinics including a government, Sipahi, and Dr. Zakim clinics, while three doctors of the clinics were also detained.

On the same date, they raided Kajur area of Shah Wali Kot district, Kandahar province, where they martyred four civilians and detained 10 others. According to the local people, enemy forces also destroyed a Karez (underground water passage) and caused severe financial losses to the civilians.

Following the attacks, a teacher (Daad Mohammad) was martyred by the local police in the Shar Shorak area of Balkh district, Balkh province on March 11th, whereas an electrical engineer who was working at fixing power lines was killed in Kunduz province.

On March 16th, the invaders killed and wounded 9 civilians in Mano, Gratak and Mandar Khel areas of Chaparhar district, Nangarhar province. In response to the incident, locals closed off the main Jalalabad highway to traffic and demanded the prosecution and trial of the murderers.

The next sample of the enemy’s barbarity was on March 17th, when the foreign and internal troops have raided a madrassa in the Tatang area of Khogyani district, Nangarhar province where they martyred a teacher and 5 Qur’an memorisers (Huffaz) while also destroying a part of madrassa. The soldiers had also stole valuable goods from homes of people during this raid.

On March 25th, four civilians were martyred and wounded and twenty five civilians kidnapped during a raid by the invaders and internal troops in Mahali Khan area of Khak-e Safed district, Farah province.

Continuing the raids, the internal troops and occupiers killed 4 civilians and detained 5 others in the Amir Shah area of Tangi Dara in Sayed Abad district, Wardak province, on 27th March.

The brutalities continued till the end of the month where on 29th of March the invaders along with the internal stooges killed 22 civilians and wounded many others during operations in the Sra Baghal area of Maiwand district, Kandahar province. They also destroyed a medical store, burnt vehicles and other items of people while causing extensive damage to the civilian properties.

The Islamic Emirate is not afraid of the enemy attacks nor does it focus on enemy threats. Mujahideen have always taken revenge for their oppressed nation and will continue the spirit of seeking revenge in the future. They will strive for the rights of their people and are committed to continuing the ongoing sacred struggle for their religion and homeland.

Mujahideen, with the help of Allah Almighty and support of their brave nation, will continue Jihad until the complete defeat of the invaders. Allah willing.

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