January 20, 2020

Military Operations before start of Season

Military Operations before start of Season

The cold weather in winter normally hinders the operations carried out by the Mujahidin. Only in the cold days and chilly nights of winter does the enemy breath a sigh of relief. But according to the sources of the enemy, this time there has not been any decrease in the military operations of the Mujahidin.

Few days ago officials of Helmand province told the media that in contrast to their expectation, Taliban are carrying out a large amount of attacks which have increased that the government’s losses. The official added they the government forces have also lost their coordination and are also miscommunicating with their high command center. One of the officials told the foreign funded Azaadi Radio that our governor has become tired of lying about supplies regularly reaching soldiers. This official also added that in the past two months in Lashkargah city, more than a hundred soldiers have been killed.

The reality is this that the slave government and its masters (the US invaders) tried their best and used their full force and brutalities to bring the Mujahidin under pressure. This was their aim and they hoped for this after declaring the new war policy for Afghanistan. They wanted to bring the Taliban under pressure and put them on the defensive before start of the fighting season.

The scenario turned opposite and despite of the cruelties and brutalities of the puppets and their invading masters, the operations of Mujahidin are running effectively and with more efficiency. The enemy of Afghanistan has come under intense pressure and is on the back foot.

In the last few days, the enemy has lost 87 soldiers in which some of them are their commanders:

1- Commander Alam Khan in the Char Bolak district, Balkh province.

2- Commander Mawla Dad Ghandha from Jalalabad.

3- Commander Jalil Koor from Jawzjan province.

4- Commander Badar from Kunduz Qala-e-Zal district.

5- Commander Shafiq Andar from the central Laghman.

6- Commander Attaullah from Shah Joy district Zabul province and many others.

Similarly, in Shamlagah area of Farah-Rud district (Farah province), three check posts were overrun and 28 soldiers killed with tens of others injured and 10 others captured alive.

In Helmand’s Nawa district, 8 special forces were killed and in Bermal district Paktika province, 8 puppet soldiers were killed in mine blast. And many soldiers have lost their lives in different areas of the country in operations and ambushes carried out the Mujahidin. The approximate count is 90 fatalities for the enemy.

Similarly, in Farah province the base of invaders was attacked with missiles. According to the reports of Mujahidin, the missile struck their targets and the invaders suffered losses.

This situation shows that the Taliban have cast fear and terror into the minds the enemy and their masters even before the start of the new spring operations. The enemy has lost its moral and their ranks are in disarray. They are suffering and the casualties are mounting, the soldiers have started to deserting in mass. The coming days will cement this fact that the invaders and their puppets are going to lose the battle big time and they are going to be defeated. The territory under the control of the Mujahidin is expanding day by day and the common population of Afghanistan are also supporting them so that they are saved from the corrupt rule of Kabul.

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