January 22, 2020

Authority should be handed over to the Islamic Emirate

Authority should be handed over to the Islamic Emirate

The double headed regime of Kabul is put together by the American embassy in Kabul and is imposed as an elected government by the Americans!!! The legality of the slave regime is now challenged even by the officials working for it. Most of the officials of the regime currently do not accept the orders given by their leaders and some of them have even raised voices of rebellion against it.

Three months ago Ashraf Ghani fired the regime warlord and governor of northern Balkh province Atta Muhmmad Noor and appointed a new governor, Engr. Dawood. Atta Muhammad Noor rejected the orders of his removal by Ashraf Ghani and instead ordered his militiamen to arrest the newly appointed governor. Over the past two months Atta Muhammad Noor gave several verbal threats to the presidential palace (ARG) in Kabul but the presidential palace has not only failed in removing him but has also abstained from responding to a single threat by the warlord of Mazar-e-Sharif.

In the tussle of power against Ashraf Ghani, voices of rebellion were also raised from Kandahar where the notorious regime criminal and human rights abuser, the so called General Abdul Razziq, called the Kabul regime unconstitutional. He said that he is elected by the people of Kandahar and the Kabul regime cannot remove him from his post but if the government tries to remove him, his retaliation will have huge ramifications.

Moreover a few days ago, the regime’s governor for Samangan province Abdul Kareem Khadam’s dismissal order was released by the presidential palace in Kabul. He also refused to leave his office and he added that the Kabul administration has no legal authority of removing him. He said that this regime has been brought about due to an agreement and that the orders of this regime do not hold weight in front of his partners. He declared that unless Jamiat party decides to remove him, he will remain the governor.

In Faryab province the 1st Vice President of Ashraf Ghani, the famous warlord General Dostum’s militias surrounded the provincial assembly member Fathullah Qaisari and ordered his arrest. Similarly in Kabul, the head of Police District 16 or PD16 also refused his removal orders but later reached a mutual agreement whereby he was removed from this post and given another in return.

It is crystal clear now that the regime was created in a foreign embassy of a foreign country by the foreign minister of that country. This regime is the creation John Kerry. It does not have any legitimacy and does not reserve the right of calling itself an elected government. The Kabul regime, in addition to its internal divisions and its slavery, has reached such heights of shame that it cannot even remove a police district officer in the capital. The question now is, what kind of control does it even have?

Neither the occupants of ARG nor the governors of Balkh and Samangan are actually elected by the ballots of the people. The powerful elites of Kandahar are also not elected nor appointed by the regime. All of these characters are brought to power and rule by the invaders and imposed on the Afghan nation.

If the leaders of the Kabul regime call themselves Afghans they should end the indiscriminate killing of their countrymen, stop working to divide the people of Afghanistan, cease igniting racism and bigotry and hand authority over to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan so that a United Islamic Government can be formed. Such an Islamic government where the people can feel secure, happy and their freedom and complete rights are protected.

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