February 26, 2020

A plausible and genuine way for peace in the country

A plausible and genuine way for peace in the country

Accepting realities makes the foundations of peace and prosperity. The international invaders have occupied the soil of the Mujahid Afghan nation and snatched their freedom. Advisors of invaders are still on duty in Kabul. Their tanks are occupying the land of the country while their jets dominate the air space. The soldiers of Kabul administration are completely trained by the invaders. No doubt, the Kabul administration is fully in the hands of the invaders. A while ago, the endorsement by John Kerry about the moribund administration to continue their survival is a practical example at hand. People are aware of all their activities rather they are suffering from their atrocities every day.

In current statues quo, not only the oppressed Afghan nation has the responsibility to strongly defend their values in light of all laws but the entire world and especially the just and Islamic countries and independent nations have moral obligation to support and cooperate with the Afghan nation in their quest of obtaining their natural right and establishment of Islamic system based on their own will. But unfortunately it has not been realized yet.

The Islamic Emirate calls upon the entire world and parties to the conflict of the country that they should realize the legitimate demands of the oppressed Afghan people. They should seriously and openly tell the invaders and their allies to end the harassment and oppression of miserable nations and allow the nations to decide their own future.

Similarly, those people who are still standing alongside the invaders against their people should realize that peace and prosperity for the people and the country cannot be achieved without freedom and perceiving the realities. Furthermore, instead of taking part in further harassment of the people and destruction of the country in support of invasion and oppression, it will be better to reconcile with your own people. Hence to save themselves from the disgrace of history and misery of the Hereafter and let the people to breathe in a peaceful environment.

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