February 26, 2020

Islamic Emirate: Solution to all Problems

Islamic Emirate: Solution to all Problems

Many governments have been tested in our beloved homeland but each has failed in delivering the demands of this strictly religious Muslim nation. Rather they toyed with their property, land, honor, pride, life and livelihood however the only ruling entity which safeguarded their religious and national values and protected it from every harm was the Islamic Emirate.

The Afghans are a Muslim nation. They can only accept a government which gives them their due rights like distribution and proper use of Baitul Maal (public treasury), securing their lives, punishing the oppressor, helping the oppressed; in short providing them with an opportunity to live peacefully under the shade of Shariah. And governments which endanger their lives and property, which fail to punish the oppressor rather support them further, in which highways are dotted with robbers and businesses ransacked, then this nation combats such regimes with all might at its disposal, as one can see today with their own two eyes.

Today we are witnessing this exact type of rule being forced upon the throats of our religious countrymen, a regime enforced in the sky and on the land by the aircrafts and tanks of foreign powers. They feel no safety under this powerless regime which dances to the tunes of others, playing with their honor and lives and heaping oppression upon oppression. That is why they have been forced to unsheathe their swords and choose a life of hardship that only offers bitter food, destroyed livelihoods, imprisonments, injuries and martyrdom…

Today the property of this nation was looted, their villages bombed, their sons, wives and fathers martyred, tortured and maimed; today the honor of the noble chieftains, elders and religious scholars was played with by the vile regime soldiers and Arbaki militia, and not even our beliefs, Quran, madrassa and mosques were spared from their ridicule.

However the Islamic Emirate – during its rule and in areas under its control today – has protected and respected all of their beliefs and religious sanctities. Today the people living in areas of Mujahideen only fear the aircraft and helicopters of the two-headed regime. There is no fear of bandits, nor of kidnappers and neither do they have to ever worry about protecting their lives and property from thieves and strongmen.

During the Emirate, a thief never entered a home or kidnapped a child or violated the honor of anyone. Every oppressed was given his due right and oppressor handed due punishment. And such peace of mind and happiness still reigns supreme in areas under the control of Mujahideen today.

Even today if there is ever a case of murder in areas under the control of Mujahideen, the perpetrators are swiftly apprehended and punished accordingly but contrarily, today we witness the killing and bombing of our noble elders being responded to by the regime with eerie silence. Today we see our hospital leveled to the ground along with all its doctors, patients and workers yet the regime initially tries to justify the incident and when the killers acquit themselves by playing the role of the judge, jury and executioner, the regime welcomes their decision and encourages the perpetrators to continue their actions.

And similarly the name Administrative Corruption – which was never heard of during the Islamic Emirate – became a household name and won our country second place in the world.

In conclusion the Islamic Emirate is the solution to all the stated problems just as it proved during its rule. It is the only entity which can provide this nation a peaceful, serene and happy life; safeguard their religion, life, property, business and honor and protect all of their religious and national values.

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