May 24, 2020

Invaders and Kabul regime are responsible for 78% civilian casualties

Invaders and Kabul regime are responsible for 78% civilian casualties

Department for the Prevention of Civilian Casualties of the Islamic Emirate published report on civilian losses caused during the first four months of 2016. In this report detailed information is provided about civilian losses caused at the hands of foreign invaders, the puppet Kabul regime, unknown armed men, Mujahidin and in internal fighting.

This report says that 106 incidents of civilian casualties have been registered during previous four months of 2016 in which 640 persons have been martyred and 1378 others injured, bringing the total of killed and injured to 2027 civilians.

Similarly, this report says that among the martyred 558 are men, 62 are women and 20 are children while among the injured 1348 are men, 12 are women and 27 others are children.

Some other details about civilian losses are reported as following:

Five incidents of civilian losses were caused by children playing with the unexploded devices and internal skirmishes of the people; eighteen incidents were caused by unknown armed groups and IED blasts; 83 incidents have been caused in the savage night operations, blind drone strikes, indiscriminate mortar shelling and confrontation of foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces with the civilian people.

On the basis of above analysis, 78.30% civilian losses are caused by the foreign invaders and the stooge Kabul regime forces, 16.98% of losses are caused by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate and other unknown armed groups while 4.71% civilian incidents are caused by children playing with unexploded devices and other internal skirmishes among masses.

Among Mujahidin, those who were found involved in these incidents were handed over to the judicial committee of the Islamic Emirate. Those found guilty have already been trialled, penalized and sacked from their posts. Similarly, sympathy and condolences have been shared with the bereaved families and compensation in the form of cash was given to the victims relatives including expenditure for treatment of the injured individuals.

A separate and independent organ has been established by the Leadership of Islamic Emirate which is fully autonomous in its surveys and investigations. It examines incidents of civilian losses and casualties caused by all sides, investigates them and records their numbers. This report is then sent to the executive organs of the Islamic Emirate and a copy is provided to media outlets on the regular basis.

A special ‘Modus Operandi’ has been prepared to organize the activities of this organ. Article 2 of this ‘Modus Operandi’ says:

(This Organ is bound by availing all its resources to make Mujahidin realize that according to Islamic Sharia, civilian losses and casualties are in no way acceptable or tolerable to the Leadership of the Islamic Emirate, therefore, every possible measure should be taken during Jihadi operations for its avoidance.)

This report by the above organ for the prevention of civilian losses and casualties explicitly shows that foreign invaders and their internal stooge forces play a major role in these incidents and the amount of civilian losses and casualties caused by them is many folds higher than the report published by UNAMA and some media outlets.

The issue of civilian losses and casualties should not be politicized. Whosoever is responsible for this felony should be held responsible accordingly. Instead of concealing the facts and deceiving the masses, the realities should be revealed and published as this is the only way to decrease and minimize the losses and casualties of our innocent and oppressed masses!!!

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