January 27, 2020

Enemy Losses in the Year 2017

Enemy Losses in the Year 2017

The year 2017 has come to an end. The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate carried out Jihad with complete courage and steadfastness against the foreign invaders and their local hirelings in Afghanistan during over the course of this period. They advanced geographically, liberated districts, stopped enemy advances and caused them immense losses by repeatedly targeting their fortifications, corps level bases, command centers, outposts and check posts.

The enemy morale has been sapped, they were nervous on battlefields and had no local support whereas the Mujahideen fought with the lofty spirit of Jihad, defeated large formations with small numbers, struck fear and heavy losses through martyrdom and insider attacks and were the beneficiaries of Allah’s divine support.

We wish to provide a few statistics about the current year Jihad which have been collected and presented with utmost accuracy after undergoing a vigorous process.

– A total of 7503 large and small attacks have been carried out against the enemy during 2017.

– 48 attacks from among the total were martyrdom attacks.

– A total of 289 foreign invaders were killed and 124 wounded in these attacks.

– Since the army, police and intelligence apparatus of the Kabul regime are used as shield by the Americans and are at the forefront of war therefore they have suffered the most losses with a total of 14938 deaths and 9430 injuries.

– 409 among the hireling enemy deaths are their commanders who were killed in attacks around the country.

– Over the course of previous year a total of 4196 army, police and Arbakis (militia) surrendered to the Islamic Emirate due to the efforts of Preaching and Guidance Commission of Islamic Emirate, bringing in 323 heavy and light arms along with large amount of ammunition and other equipment.

– The total number of enemy military vehicles (pickup trucks and APCs) destroyed during this period is 2976.

– A total of 20 enemy aircraft were downed during 2017 including 13 helicopters and fixed-wing airplanes as well as 7 Unmanned Ariel Vehicles or Drones.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Qari Muhammad Yousuf Ahmadi

11/04/1439 Hijri Lunar

08/10/1396 Hirji Solar                    29/12/2017 Gregorian

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