July 06, 2020

An inclusive interview with Mr. Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

An inclusive interview with Mr. Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

A detailed interview was recently conducted with the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, Mr. Zabihullah Mujahid, in which the ongoing military and political issues concerning Afghanistan and the region were discussed. In the following lines, it has been translated into English and we would like to share it with our esteemed readers.

Question: In the recent past, President Donald Trump announced the new American strategy for Afghanistan. What is the overall reaction of the Islamic Emirate regarding this strategy?

Answer:        بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

نحمده ونصلی علی رسوله الکریم امابعد:

The Islamic Emirate was quick to denounce the new Trump strategy by calling it the extension of their current futile war in Afghanistan and explicitly warned them that America will suffer the most if this strategy is implemented.

From the very beginning, the Islamic Emirate has insisting that America should realize the prevailing realities by avoiding obstinacy and the use of forces, as issues can never be solved by use of weapons and genocide rather they (the issues) are much more complex. Instead of finding a way out, they deepen the crisis. On the contrary, despite the long exhaustive and futile efforts of American leaders, they are still insisting on finding a military solution for this dilemma by persistently denying the prevailing ground realities.

The Islamic Emirate, on behalf of the pious and Muslim Afghan people, is obliged to completely annihilate this newly adopted strategy of Trump as we did before in the case of Bush and Obama strategies. By the grace of Almighty Allah, all essential measures have been taken for achieving this goal.

On the other hand, experiences have proven that America is fatigued and lost the strength to extend the wars. Though the military generals and the war-mongers elements are insisting on keeping up wars as their vested personal and financial interests are embedded in endless fighting, but the tax paying American masses can no longer bear the excruciating pain and burden of these futile wars.

For example it has only been a couple of months since the announcement of Trump strategy but different surveys inside America reveal that most American people are not in its favor. According to these surveys, only 37% people have approved this strategy while the remaining 63% majority of people have clearly rejected it. Inevitably with the passage of time, the disapproval ratings will increase as on one side, it is consuming money tremendously and on the other , it has no tangible results with the exception of vast and deceptive propaganda campaign and indiscriminate bombing and massacre of innocent Afghan masses.

Some leading American senators have criticized this strategy by alleging the American generals are concealing actual facts from the American people. In response, the Pentagon issued a statement which said that this new strategy for Afghanistan will cost an additional one billion dollars thus increasing the overall war-costs to $12.5 trillion annually.

Similarly in the recent past, America was struck by multiple natural disasters and her economy was badly shaken. Though the American authorities tried to conceal the devastation and financial losses incurred in these disasters through censoring reports in media but the reality is that only in the state of Texas , the damages were estimated $200 billion, which is a huge amount to be paid by the Trump administration.

Some other states also suffered terribly thus stunning the American people internally. These facts were reflected in the statement of their Defense Department which said that the recent storms in various American states had severely affected and hindered their war strategies, by making it quite difficult for them to implement them as perceived.

The American chief of staff told the Senate that though the new strategy was announced and the bombardment was increased but the ongoing war in Afghanistan is still in a stalemate situation.

Our conviction is that through brutal and indiscriminate bombing and undue pressures, the resolve of a nation can neither be altered nor broken. Afghans are a courageous and determined people and they have never been subdued by unnecessary and illegitimate external pressures. The American authorities should not compare the whole nation with their trivial mercenaries and slaves who are enthroned by them only to say ditto to their foreign masters. The Afghan masses have not lost their heroes; they have defenders; they nourish courageous Mujahidin. This nation has youth and volunteers who are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their creed, country and people. No external power can ever pacify and defeat them, In-sha-Allah (God-willing)!!!


Question: After the announcement of Trump’s strategy, American media is persistently reporting about the intensification of war and thus increasing pressure on Mujahidin. Do the American forces have any tangible achievement in the battle fields?

Answer: The fictitious reports of biased media about the American success, the intensification of fighting, threatening of Mujahidin and masquerading their mercenaries as lions have been incessant for the last sixteen years. But by the grace of Almighty Allah, all this propaganda and swaggering and the false boasting of American generals cannot turn the tables in the battle fields, nor can it initiate any significant change in favor of the puppet regime in Kabul.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, Mujahidin are progressing on all fronts with high morale. You might be aware about the tremendous Jihadi achievements in different parts of the country even after the announcement of new Trump’s strategy. Several districts were liberated and captured by Mujahidin; e.g. Maruf district in Kandahar province, Ghormach district in Badghis province, the conquest of the strategic Funduqistan valley in Parwan province, the conquest of border area in Faryab province, tightening of siege in Uruzgan and Helmand provinces, successful and deadly self-sacrificial attacks on American occupying forces in the strategic Bagram airbase, Kabul and Kandahar province (in which heavy casualties and financial losses were inflicted on them), lethal attacks on the American forces in Farah province airport and forcing them to withdraw their forces, meticulous missile attacks on American forces in the Shorab base in Helmand province, and the latest Mujahidin attack on the American defense secretary and the NATO chief in the well-fortified Kabul airport which undermined their trip, these are a handful incidents out of a heap which simply reveal that the savage American forces, their foreign allies as well as their internal mercenaries are like sand barriers for the determined and heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.

Indeed, it is the innocent Afghan civilians who suffer the most in the indiscriminate and brutal bombing but the savage American invaders and their external and internal mercenaries will inevitably have to pay the price, as all this civilian massacre will not be left unavenged. Neither can they enervate the strong determination of our heroic Mujahidin nor can it alienate us from our legitimate demands of freedom and the establishment of a pure and realistic Islamic system of life in our beloved homeland. For achieving these lofty ideals, all senior and junior members of the Islamic Emirate have been thoroughly tested over the last sixteen years.


Question: Incarceration, injury and martyrdom of numerous Mujahidin are reported on the daily basis by the enemy media. If you could inform us about the latest Mujahidin casualties?

Answer: There is no doubt that following the announcement of the new ridiculous American strategy, the aimless, brutal and indiscriminate bombardments have significantly increased in which our innocent countrymen were ruthlessly martyred and massacred in Kunduz, Logar, Helmand, Kandahar, Nangarhar and even in the capital city of Kabul. Civilian houses were indiscriminately demolished, civilian people including children and women were relentlessly martyred and injured, thus the enemy exposed his real, barbaric and savage face and mentality. These indiscriminate air bombing were so blind that on several occasions, their internal mercenaries were targeted and killed by the savage foreign occupying forces in Helmand province and various other parts of the country.

Mujahidin have not suffered any significant losses in the aimless and confused assaults of the embarrassed enemy as they have adapted their tactics throughout the country with the increased and indiscriminate bombardment of the enemy. They have accordingly modified their strategies and movements with the augmented night raids, air attacks and various other brutalities of the savage enemy and by the grace of Almighty Allah, they have protected themselves from any significant losses.

Nevertheless, it is war in which losses and casualties are incurred by all sides. We have our usual losses as we had previously but there is no remarkable increase in our losses and casualties as conceived and propagated by the biased media with the initiation of the new ridiculous Trump strategy for Afghanistan.

This biased and subjective media is so daring and fictional that they report the martyrdom of 120 Mujahidin where even less than a hundred Mujahidin had participated. This kind of deceitful propaganda was not helpful in the past, nor can it be accepted by our vigilant masses in the future.

Thousands of indiscriminate bombs were dropped by the savage American forces in Afghanistan every year but instead of enervating, it has stimulated the ongoing Jihad and resistance by indiscriminately killing and torturing the innocent masses, thus arousing their sentiments which has inevitably rejuvenated the ranks of the Islamic Emirate throughout the country.


Question: Civilian losses and casualties have significantly increased on the daily basis with the intensification of American bombardment in various areas. If you could elaborate this issue?

Answer: Yes. It is a deliberate but undeclared part of the new Trump strategy to massacre the civilian people ruthlessly. In fact they want to take revenge upon the masses for their widespread support for Mujahidin. They are deliberately targeting and ruthlessly killing the civilian people and destroying their houses and everything to compel them to refrain from supporting Mujahidin. But these ill-advised American invaders and their allied forces have forgotten that nearly one and half million Afghan people were martyred by the former Soviet Union, houses and villages were destroyed and millions more were made homeless and forced to migrate to the neighboring countries but they could not pacify this brave and freedom loving nation, and instead of gaining anything, lost her own identity.

It was mentioned earlier that in Logar, Helmand, Kunduz and several other provinces of the country, innocent civilian people were indiscriminately targeted and women and children were martyred and injured. I would like to reiterate that instead of doing them any good, it inflames the sentiments of the people against the brutal American invaders and their internal mercenaries, which in turn invigorate the ranks of Mujahidin.


Question: Recently Mujahidin had successful operations in Kabul, Parwan and several other areas. Similarly Maruf district of Kandahar province was liberated by Mujahidin. If you could explain these and various other Jihadi achievements?

Answer: The announcement of new Trump strategy coincided with Eid celebrations of our Muslim masses. On this auspicious occasion, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate stopped their attacks all over the country. When the Eid holidays were over and Mujahidin were preparing themselves to re-launch their attacks, both the American invaders and their stooge admin in Kabul spread the rumors that the new Trump’s strategy has worked in decreasing Mujahidin attacks.

Now as Mujahidin have accelerated their operations all over the country; many areas were brought under control, heavy losses and casualties were inflicted on the enemy, the enemy’s operations were halted in Helmand and Kunduz provinces, several districts, military posts and vast areas in Uruzgan, Kandahar, Parwan, Faryab, Badghis, Farah and many other provinces were liberated from the enemy which inevitably proves that the announcement and initiation of Trump’s new strategy had no effect on Mujahidin’s progress. Rather it has armored their determination by making them even more resilient against the American invading forces.

Innovative strategies are planned by the Islamic Emirate for the battle fields, and you will witness tremendous progress in the near future, In-sha-Allah.


Question: It has been sixteen years since the brutal American invasion of Afghanistan and armed resistance (Jihad) against them. The Americans admit that it has been the longest war of their contemporary history. How do evaluate the morale and spirit of Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in this long and incessant war? In other words how long can they resist against the savage American invading forces?

Answer: I would like to give an example. Sometime ago, prior to the announcement of Trump’s strategy, I knew several Mujahidin especially the martyrdom seekers who were quite upset by saying that America had announced withdraw their forces from Afghanistan thus Jihadi attacks against them will be reduced which will deprive them from martyrdom.

When the new Trump’s strategy was announced insisting on prolonging the ongoing war in Afghanistan, those Mujahidin were congratulating one another since the American forces will remain here and they will not be deprived from achieving either of the two desires either they will win the battle and become ‘Ghazi’ (i.e. hero or conqueror) or they will become martyrs serving the lofty cause of Almighty Allah. Therefore it is neither an easy task for the American invading forces to fight against such a people, nor is it a gentle breeze for the confounded and embarrassed internal mercenaries of stooge admin in Kabul.

I am convinced that the morale of the enthusiastic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate cannot be undermined by martyrdoms or by enemy’s viciousness and neither by perpetual bombardment. Their determination over the last sixteen years is an explicit evidence of my claim. The savage American invaders, their allied forces and all external and internal mercenaries left no stone unturned during these long sixteen years to pacify the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, but it was all in-vain.

As a matter of fact, Jihad is considered a divine obligation by all Mujahidin. Liberation of their beloved homeland, restoring its sovereignty and the establishment of a pure Islamic system is their prime objective, which is even more precious for them than their own lives. Therefore until and unless these lofty objectives are achieved, neither can they be intimidated by any kind of external or internal threats, nor can they be alienated from their Jihadi struggle. The people whose highest aspiration is martyrdom and who run towards sacrificing their lives in the path of Almighty Allah for upholding His Word, neither can their determination be vacillated nor can they be quailed by hollow threats of the embarrassed foreign invaders, nor by the false and trivial sayings of their internal slaves.


Question: It is said that in the recent past, the stooge admin of Ashraf Ghani has undertaken – under the emblem of fighting against Taliban – some actions against the Islamic values, e.g. closing down madrassas, incarceration of Ulema (scholars) and pious people. What is your information in this regard and what is the aim of the stooge admin from such initiatives?

Answer: Yes. It is true. Even in the past, the authorities and politicians who had unnecessarily touched creeds, sanctities and other Islamic values of the pious and Muslim masses of our country, they met with the strong fury and reaction of the people and were driven out of power.

The best example is the era of communists. When they targeted madrassas, scholars, mosques and other pious people, by killing and incarcerating them, by closing down madrassas and other educational programs, the consequences were obvious. The mosques remain standing, madrassas are still functioning but no communist is left to defend his ideology.

The same will be the case with present secular elements. Ashraf Ghani, educated brought up as mainly a secular person, has no regard for religion. He is still unmindful about the consequences of anti-religious actions like the then communists. But in practice, supporting secularists, scoffing at religious values, freedom and promotion of obscenity and vulgarity; incarceration of religious people, scholars and religious students; creating hurdles for madrassas, regular raids on their hostels, imprisonment and intimidation of their teachers and students, encouraging secular elements among the masses, and taking an anti-religious stance in the media, all these actions and movements are being observed by our vigilant and pious people, and the time is not far off when he will be held accountable for all these felonies. In-sha-Allah!!!

The above issues are enough for the elimination of Ashraf Ghani and his heterogeneous admin, as they have not learnt any lesson from our history. They could not even realize the habits and customs of their people, nor could they develop any sense of the ultimate victory of righteous people against the infidelity.

We are sure that the above actions will turn into a decisive factor in the eventual collapse of Ashraf Ghani admin because people support for the Mujahidin is increasing day by day. Even those people who had some concerns about the Islamic Emirate have now discerned the ground realities and main agenda of the infidel foreign invaders and their internal stooges and they have set their differences aside and declared support for the Mujahidin.


Question: Where do you think, in the present circumstances, the secret of Mujahidin’s success lies? What should they do individually and collectively to persevere the ongoing Jihad against the infidel forces until success?

Answer: The main factor of our success and jubilation is the righteous and lofty cause for which we are struggling and sacrificing our lives. If it had not been so, we would not have achieved such tremendous successes by sustaining our struggle over the past sixteen years. Secondly, Mujahidin are sincere, devoted and obedient people which invokes divine support. And at the top of them is the unity and steadfastness of all ranks of the Islamic Emirate which remains rock-solid by the grace of Almighty Allah throughout the Jihadi resistance against the savage foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries.

The spirit and enthusiasm of sacrifice in all senior and junior levels of Mujahidin is also a pivotal factor in keeping our struggle alive so far.

Individually, as long as we retain our piety, sincerity, honesty and obey commands of Almighty Allah, including our kind and decent behavior with common people, we will remain triumphant.

Collectively, as long as we retain our unity and remain devoted to the lofty cause of Jihad by innovating and implementing whatever we can for defeating the foreign infidel forces and their internal mercenaries, we will definitely deserve and invoke divine mercy and support.


Question: In the end, as a spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, what message do you have for our esteemed readers?

Answer: My message to the venerated local readers is to remain vigilant and not to be deceived by the false and biased propaganda of the enemy who is on the verge of collapse. They must have discerned the ground realities and malicious objectives of the savage foreign invaders and their internal mercenaries therefore they should practically and sincerely support the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate who are always ready to sacrifice their lives in the path of liberating our beloved homeland from the yoke of foreign invasion and for the restoration of lasting peace and stability under the shadow and blessings of a pure Islamic system of life.

As far our foreign esteemed readers are concerned, especially those whose governments are directly or indirectly involved in the ongoing illegitimate and brutal invasion and occupation of our country, that they should resist their government and pressure them to unconditionally withdraw their forces from Afghanistan, which was a sovereign and peaceful country, having no intentions of interfering in others affairs and desirous of reciprocal behavior from all member states of the modern world community.

The American people should specifically realize that their authorities are only pursuing their own vested personal and business interests not only inside their own country but also around the world through illegitimate interferences and wars, especially in the third world countries. This behavior – instead of winning any favor for them – has turned the world into an unsafe place for the American masses and hell for their armed forces who are killed and crippled on the regular basis in various parts of the world, though most of their corpses are not sent back to their home towns, and thus keeping the people unaware of how colossal their losses and damages are in the ongoing futile wars initiated by their selfish and malicious authorities.

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