July 16, 2020

How can the new Trump strategy affect the current Jihadi resistance?

How can the new Trump strategy affect the current Jihadi resistance?

To extend the illegitimate and brutal occupation of Afghanistan by savage allied forces, the American president Donald Trump recently announced his new strategy for Afghanistan and the region which was hailed and widely propagated by the American administration and their internal puppet regime established and sustained by the foreign occupying forces.

This strategy was addressed as an essential and the only solution of all issues and security concerns faced by the American people and government by giving the impression that if implemented properly, this strategy will crush the ongoing resistance, thus restoring law and order throughout the country.

But the reality is totally opposite. As all previous American plans for the suppression and subjugation of the freedom loving people of Afghanistan were completely ineffective, the destiny of this newly announced malicious strategy will not be any different than the previous ones and it will inevitably fail in too. As this new ridiculous strategy is based on the extension of ongoing barbaric and futile war in this country – the war which has already cost them trillions of dollars financially – while its human cost is tens of thousands of American and other allied forces killed and crippled in the battle-fields. The inevitable outcome of such huge losses and casualties is that Mr. Trump does not consider himself safe even inside the White House.

It is a reality to be reckoned with that Afghans, throughout their history, have never surrendered to any foreign invader especially when their creed, country and sovereignty are at the stake.

If we trace back the conduct and behavior of American occupying forces, evidently they have not rained flowers on the Afghan masses over the last sixteen years of their brutal occupation Rather they have been even more brutal and savage than the new ridiculous strategy of imprudent Trump.

In the past innocent people were deliberately killed, children were indiscriminately targeted, people were bitten by dogs, bodies of martyrs were mutilated and burnt, funeral processions were indiscriminately bombed, innocent civilians were incarcerated and ruthlessly tortured in Bagram and other secret jails, entire villages have been demolished in blind bombings, hospitals, mosques, educational centers, wedding and funeral ceremonies were frequently targeted.

But instead of enervating the spirit of resistance and martyrdom among the freedom loving Afghan people, the above atrocities and brutalities of the savage American and other foreign forces made them even bolder and stronger in their rightly chosen path of Jihad and sacrifices. Instead of succumbing to the enemy, they strengthened their Jihadi centers and turned Afghanistan – contrary to all external perceptions and analyses – into a quagmire for the foreign occupying forces.

The fresh and ever escalating American brutalities disguised in the form of this new war strategy can never quell the Jihadi spirit of the pious Muslim masses and the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. The reason is that this malicious strategy has been initiated with civilian massacre and violation of our religious sanctities and the later one is a red line for which any Afghan will readily sacrifice his life, wealth and everything dear.

In short, all necessary causes and grounds are thoroughly incorporated in the new strategy of Trump which will further fuel and motivate the Jihadi spirit of the pious Afghan people. And this imprudence of the American president can be the initiation of a new phase of our holy resistance against the brutal infidel foreign occupying forces. The effects of this new phase are explicitly visible in all Jihadi fronts throughout the country.

A successful and fatal sacrificial attack was carried out on the savage American forces in the main entrance of the heavily fortified and strategic  Bagram airbase in which several foreign forces were killed and injured. In another heroic attack of Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, heavy losses and casualties were inflicted on the brutal foreign occupying forces in Kandahar province. Moreover hundreds of internal forces left the puppet regime and amalgamated with Mujahidin in various parts of the country. All these incidents explicitly verify that the new ridiculous strategy of imprudent Trump is totally counterproductive for them as it has largely instigated the Jihadi spirit of the freedom loving people of our beloved homeland.

With the passage of time, it will be established that this war strategy of Trump will be resisted, defied and eventually defeated by heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate just like the crusade war of the ex-president Bush.

We are sure that in this historic and strategic battle, the oppressors will eventually be defeated and the pious and Muslim people of our country will emerge victorious, as promised by the Almighty Allah in the Holy Quran:

أُذِنَ لِلَّذِينَ يُقَاتَلُونَ بِأَنَّهُمْ ظُلِمُوا ۚ وَإِنَّ اللَّهَ عَلَىٰ نَصْرِهِمْ لَقَدِيرٌ (39) الحج

(To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight), because they are wronged; and verily, Allah is Most Powerful for their aid.)

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