February 22, 2020

Maltreatment of the Afghan Refugees should End

Maltreatment of the Afghan Refugees should End

For almost four decades now the Afghan refugees have been living  in Pakistan. Throughout this entire period they have co-existed with the people of Pakistan in an atmosphere of Islamic fraternity, participating in ceremonies of festivities and mourning of each other. No big security problem has ever arisen among them. The reason is that they have shared religious, lingual and cultural bonds with the local people.

As the time elapsed, they started to take spectacular part in economic movement of the host country, especially in infrastructure i.e. roads’ macadamizing and dams’ construction, land reclamation and other construction-related works. Similarly, they are active in the business sector. All these positive economic activities unequivocally contribute to the development of the host country.

But unfortunately, enemies do not want the mutual relations between the two Muslim countries – which are based on brotherhood and good neighborliness – continue steadily. They always try to cleavage between the two brother people by misusing any opportunity that crops up.  Everyone understands that maintenance of law and order is the duty of security forces of a country however this must be done within the framework of law. The Afghan refugees should not bear the brunt of maltreatment of the security forces or become victim because of ephemeral political expediencies. Circumstances and governments come and go however nations stay and endure.

It is to be mentioned  that the Afghans’ mass  exodus to  Pakistan as refugees took place when the Red Army of the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan on December 1979, installing a puppet government and raising slogans to usher in a Red Revolution. Back then everyone believed that the Red Army was an invincible force hence the region was gripped with fear and apprehension. But the Afghan  Mujahid people rolled up their sleeve to obtain their independence and stymie the danger, then referred to as the Red Threat. By offering  over 1.5 millions martyrs, the Afghan Mujahid people were able to put an end to the Red Threat, so much so that it could not retain its foothold in the region and the world. This is a historical favor of the Afghan people on the region and the world.

It is an open secret that Afghanistan is now an occupied country. Foreign and their lackey internal troops carry out night raids and bombardment against houses of innocent Afghans. They detain civilians under one pretext and another and people  have been robbed of an environ to lead an ordinary life.

We urge the Pakistani government to take steps to stop the maltreatment of the Afghan refugees at the hands of the policemen and provide facilities for free movement of the refugees and their normal living so that the relations of Islamic brotherhood between the two nations  will  enhance further.

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