July 16, 2020

460 air raids in April; combat or advisory mission?

460 air raids in April; combat or advisory mission?

The foreign invaders and their stooge regime in Kabul have been claiming since the year 2012 that the invaders have concluded their combat mission in Afghanistan and are solely training the hireling forces in an advisory role however the country has been the victim of the barbarity of the foreigners since 2001 as it has continually morphed into many forms.

The invaders declared that they dropped 460 bombs, missiles and other ordinance in Afghanistan during the month of April. The Kabul regime meanwhile warmly welcomed the development and labeled the strikes effective while adding that these attacks have taken place in Kunar, Nuristan, Nangarhar, Badakhshan, Paktika, Ghazni, Uruzgan, Saripul and other provinces which are inaccessible to the regime.

The regime spokesman, Dawlat Waziri, has claimed that the strikes by American forces have all occurred with their authorization, adding that the foreign forces request information about the target from the Defense Ministry and the National Security Council before conducting the raid.

It is a known fact that civilians bear most of the brunt of these airstrikes while the regime in Kabul habitually adopts silence when atrocities are documented but when they do make a comment due to large scale civilian death and destruction, they simply shift the blame to the Mujahidin and try their utmost to acquit the invaders of any crime.

The parties with vested interests in prolonging the occupation have continually been propagating that the foreign forces have left Afghanistan and those that do remain are not involved in combat therefore the Mujahidin should lay down their arms and end their resistance.

However the stark reality remains that the foreign forces still control the land and airspace of Afghanistan while the regime does not even have any basic information about the number of flights conducted by the invaders or the number of soldiers, weapons and intelligence teams entering and being shifted throughout the country.

The invaders still rain large bombs and missiles on the homes, mosques, religious seminaries, schools, funerals and weddings of the Afghans and such raids have even taken the lives of hundreds of women and children in a single incident.

Is carrying out 460 air raids in a single month an advisory mission or combat barbarity? If the number of bombs and scale of destruction in advisory role is such, one can only imagine the death and horror that would repeat itself in a combat mission!!!

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