February 19, 2020

Independence, a Natural Right of the Afghan Mujahid Nation

Independence, a Natural Right of the Afghan Mujahid Nation

Contrary to his previous pledge, US president Obama announced during a press conference on 6 July 2016 that he would leave 8400 troops in Afghanistan by the end of his administration. Previously, he had announced that he would draw down the number of American troops in Afghanistan to 5500 by the end of 2015 and they would be pulled out of Afghanistan by the end of 2016. A small number of troops would remain to protect US embassy in Kabul. The recent announcement is a clear contravention of his pledge as the president of America. It is worth mentioning that the announcement of withdrawal of troops at such a high level and then backtracking on his promise could harm his own credibility. If they think that they would kill the spirit of freedom of Afghan Muslim nation by use of military might, it would be only a mere repetition of their previous mistakes. The notion of snatching the right to independence from freedom loving and noble nations and the right of establishment of a system based on their own will, could not resolve problems rather it further complicates the issue. Governments imposed by foreigners on the shoulder of nations could not stand for the aspirations of their people because they serve for the interest of foreigners and stand against their own nation. This is the reason that they see their survival in the presence of invaders.

It should be mentioned that the Afghan Mujahid nation has already chosen their path — the obtainment of independence and establishment of a genuine Islamic system. Augmentation of invading troops can not block the way of this great Jihadic struggle. This national and Jihadic struggle will reach its destination whenever the Afghan Mujahid nation obtain their legitimate rights. So it is vital for the rulers of the White House not to listen to the demands of their war-mongering generals and neo conservatives. Instead, they should offer a genuine solution of the Afghan issue, as the esteemed leader of the Islamic Emirate Shiekh Haibatullah Akhunzada (may Allah protect him) has said in Eid-ul-fitr message.

“Admit the realities instead of useless use of force and muscle show, put an end to the occupation. Our struggle and that of our predecessors against you is consciously based on Islamic fundamentals and forges ahead by the power of a freedom-loving spirit. You are facing up not a group or faction but a nation . You are not going to be a winner ( if Allah willing). So it is rationale if you come with a reasonable policy for solution (of the issue) instead of the use of force.”

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