July 07, 2020

The Enemy’s Futile Propaganda

The Enemy’s Futile Propaganda

The enemy has assiduously and repetitively tried to blot the Islamic Emirate’s faithful campaign and to this day has kept up its slanders, attributing the achievements of the Islamic Emirate to foreign powers, trying to sow dissension between the Mujahideen and the people, attempting to justify their barbarity, and make excuses to prolong their injustices. However, the people of Afghanistan know the Mujahideen very well since this movement sprang up from within them and to this day is supported by them. Hence the people see right through the regime’s futile propaganda.


Over the past decade and a half, whatever progress the Mujahideen has made, the regime has tried to accredit foreign powers with. The regime is so unrestrained in their malign defamation that their troops regularly and shamelessly claim in the media that foreign soldiers and commanders are fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Mujahideen.


All thanks be to Allah, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is fully and unequivocally supported by the local populace and owes no debts to foreign powers. The help of Allah and the support of the people is all the Mujahideen have ever relied on in waging their sacred campaign.


The Mujahideen receive no material support from Russia, nor from Pakistan or Iran. While the Islamic Emirate has established diplomatic contacts with various nations near and far, attended numerous internationally convened conferences, highlighted their policies to the international community, and has consistently tried to advance peace for our people, yet it has never taken any steps that could prove detrimental to the prosperity and advancement of our dear nation.


The Islamic Emirate is a firm believer in utilizing multi-dimensional approaches to gaining independence and achieving our political aspirations. Therefore it has waged a widespread military campaign in addition to its round the clock diplomatic efforts. No matter how hard the regime tries and paints the Islamic Emirate’s diplomatic contacts as a form of military assistance or servitude, yet they will never succeed and only prove that the regime is so immersed in its own propaganda that it has lost all touch with the ground realities.

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