February 24, 2020

Clear Political Policy of the Islamic Emirate

Clear Political Policy of the Islamic Emirate

The message of felicitation of the new leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Sheikh-ul-hadith Haibatullah Akhundzada (may Allah protect him) was published on 20th June 2016. The message was widely circulated in international media and translated into different languages. Scholars have expressed their opinions about it and it drew attention of our nation and the world to the issue of Afghanistan. The message shows political vision, human sympathy and Islamic determination of the esteemed leader and portrays his deep concern and respect regarding Afghan nation.

The message, which is written on the basis of an Islamic spirit, ethical standard and in diplomatic language, contains several recommendations for the resolution of the problems of our beloved country. It sheds light on the internal and external politics of the Islamic Emirate. It also mentions important points i.e the strengthening of Jihadic ranks; unity of Mujahideen; determination for the implementation of Islamic Shariah; respect of every individual of the nation; paying attention to objectives; prosperity and protection of the interest of the nation; independence of the country and end of occupation; amnesty to opponents; demand for unity and harmony among all tribes and factions………. and discusses several other important points.

The political policy of Islamic Emirate is also explained in the message, pointing out importance of political activities besides the Jihadic military ones. According to the committed leader, Jihad is obligatory for the restoration of independence of the country and end of occupation but it kept political way open for the solution of Afghan issue. The message of the esteemed leader also gives instructions to the Political Office of the Islamic Emirate to continue its efforts for the resolution of the issue of the beloved country. On the other hand, the message also asks the United States to adopt a plausible political policy. The message says: “the Afghan Muslim people… have no fear from your force. Admit the realities instead of useless use of force and muscle show and put an end to the occupation……….. You are facing not a group or faction but a nation. You are not going to be a winner (if Allah willing). So it is rationale if you come with a reasonable policy for solution (of the issue) instead of the use of force.”

In view of the internal situation, the message asks the allies of the invaders to join the ranks of the Islamic Emirate and to end support of the enemy. On the other hand, it assures that the internal politics of the Islamic Emirate is based on justice, equality, piety, honesty and talent. “All Afghan tribes and races need each other. Even evolution of Islamic system, independence and strength is entwined with the unity and harmony of the Afghans. Islam teaches us Islamic brotherhood, integrity and to assign responsibilities on the basis of merit.”

The new leader of the Islamic Emirate has emphasized in his message that he would continue his efforts like his predecessors to end the occupation, to establish Islamic Shariah and pure Islamic system in the beloved country, Afghanistan. He has also emphasized that he would follow the path of  the founder the Islamic Emirate, Amir-ul-momineen Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid and Martyr Amir-ul-momineen Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor (May Allah’s mercy be upon them both).

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