July 07, 2020

The Continuous Atrocities of the Foreign Occupiers and their Regime Allies

The Continuous Atrocities of the Foreign Occupiers and their Regime Allies

The foreign occupying forces and their allies have once again stepped up their crimes against ordinary civilians. Over the past few days foreign forces have bombed villages in various parts of the country killing and injuring dozens of civilians including women and children.

Three days ago the foreigners – with assistance of regime forces – bombed a village in the Qarya Yateem area of Konduz’s Chardarra district and following it up with a night raid on the affected area. The incident resulted in 6 civilian fatalities and more than 15 others injured. According to eye witness accounts the enemy forces also apprehended another 10 villagers in this raid.

Similarly the previous Monday, the foreign forces bombed a funeral ceremony in Urgun district’s Darra area, Paktika province, which killed 13 civilian participants and injured another 5 civilians.

A day after this tragic event, an ALP commander – Gul Ahmad – burned down 85 civilian homes in Badghis province’s Allah Yar area located in Jwand district. The occupants of these homes were forcefully displaced from this home district.

It should be noted that in this month’s first week alone, the occupying forces and their allies killed and injured over 66 civilians. This previously covered wanton destruction occurred in Zabul, Wardak, Takhar and Farah provinces and was extensively covered in a report at the beginning of the month.

Unfortunately the mainstream media has adopted an overtly biased approach. They act much like a government mouthpiece rather than as unbiased observers. The media extensively covers government sponsored stories even when they have not been corroborated or worse – run counter to eye witness claims. And when civilians are killed in foreign-led bombardments or raids, the media whitewashes the event and glosses over eye witness accounts.

The regime should make no mistake that such wanton cruelty against a repressed and innocent people will only swell the ranks of the Mujahideen. The mountains of this sacred lands are already brewing and roaring with the anger of its proud people. These tragic atrocities will only bode a coming storm that will sweep down from the mountains like a wrath and destroy everything in its path.

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