July 07, 2020

The Islamic Emirate’s Reconstruction Efforts

The Islamic Emirate’s Reconstruction Efforts

The Islamic Emirate – in addition to carrying out its military campaign for the ouster of foreign occupying forces – has also paid due attention to reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan. The soldiers of the Emirate have rebuilt hospitals, schools, madrasas, bridges, roads and streets all across the country.

Recently the Emirate’s Mujahideen rebuilt torn down roads in Konduz’s Chardara and Imam Saheb districts as well as in Badghis’ Jund district and in various districts of Kunar provinces. These reconstruction works have helped improve the quality of life for residents in the affected areas.

In areas under the Emirate’s control, the shadow government has paid particular attention to the educational sector – building numerous madrasas, schools and hostels. In these facilities children of ordinary Afghans are taught religious and modern sciences by qualified teachers.

Similarly the Emirate has built civil service facilities in areas under their control, health clinics, emergency care units, hospitals and rehabilitation centers for drug addicts. In the rehabilitation centers patients are not only treated for their addictions but also taught religious, moral and social skills needed to lead a successfully reintegrated life in society.

The Emirate’s judiciary is particularly active across Afghanistan and daily deals with numerous criminal and civil disputes. Even residents under the control of regime forces bring their disputes to the Emirate’s judiciary due to the transparency and speed with which adjudications are resolved. The fairness and transparency of the Emirate’s judiciary has even been praised by officials of the stooge administration.

Unfortunately the regime – despite claiming to be a champion of human and civil rights – has frequently bombed schools and hospitals in the Emirate’s sphere of influence to sow chaos and instability in these areas. Two days ago foreign forces with the help of regime special forces raided a rehabilitation center in Helmand’s Nad Ali district and took the patients with them. The regime’s propaganda machine proudly proclaimed that they had raided a Taliban ‘prison’ and freed its ‘prisoners’.

The Islamic Emirate is deeply vested in our national interests and has always tried to resolve or reduce the educational, transport, and economic woes facing our nation. We will continue to move forward with these efforts in spite of the regime’s hindrances.

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