July 14, 2020

Ghani’s Fallacious Logic

Ghani’s Fallacious Logic

Four days ago the American occupiers – guided by their puppet regime – indiscriminately bombed villages in four provinces (Zabul Arghandab, Wardak Chak, Takhar Darqad, and Farah Rud) that resulted in death and injuries to 76 civilians.

The Kabul regime – rather than asking their foreign benefactors to apologize for this tragedy or at least feign sympathy with the victims – instead tried to justify the crimes of the foreign forces and exempted them through fallacious arguments.

Two days ago Ghani told his Parliament that if the Taliban cease their resistance then the foreign forces will stop bombing civilians. In other words he was implying that if the Taliban continue their resistance then the bombing and killing of innocent civilians was understandable and worst, justifiable.

It has perhaps been due to this reason that this two-headed regime has failed in its three year tenure to denounce even a single incident of foreign forces killing innocent Afghans. The regime understands that in the Bilateral Security Agreement (the Strategic Partnership Agreement) the regime has rescinded its right to hold foreign forces accountable for their crimes and now feels that the only way they can continue to justify the ongoing crimes in Afghanistan is by placing the responsibility on the resistance.

While Bashar Assad painted the entire resistance against him with the same brush by labeling them all as ‘terrorists’ the Ghani regime has gone a step further and not only tried to de-legitimize the national resistance to foreign-imposed governance but also spelled out that the foreign forces are not bound by any laws in trying to destroy the resistance and any collateral casualties directly caused by the foreign forces have only themselves and the national resistance to blame for their woes.

For a supposed head of state to use such twisted logic in justifying atrocities bars on insanity, but the use of such logic by someone who is touted as an accomplished academic and a man of great understanding is both despicable and staggering. For someone who claims to know all the ins and outs of international relations, arguing along lines that are not only fallacious but in breach of every international norm is simply embarrassing to the Afghan psych.

The right to independence is a natural right of all peoples and is considered a peremptory norm under international law. It is also a universally accepted fact that crimes against innocent civilians are unjustifiable and deplorable no matter the circumstances. Ghani – by openly flouting both these tenets of our common humanity – has once again shown is hatred towards the Afghan people and their lack of worth in his eyes. Indeed this head of state shows more sympathy to victims of terrors in far away lands than he does to his own people’s plight at the hands of his foreign masters. His lack of empathy to the Afghan people daily increases the distance between his regime and the people and that day will not be far away when the whole nation rises up to extinguish this tyrant from its lands.

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