July 14, 2020

Loss of Initiative and the Resulting Chaos

Loss of Initiative and the Resulting Chaos

In recent years the Mujahideen have adopted multi-dimensional or hybrid tactics in order to win the war for Afghanistan’s independence. The Mujahideen’s adaptability and resilience has tired the foreign occupiers and now are ensuing chaos within the regime of Kabul and inflicting unsustainable casualties on their security forces.

Yesterday the Mujahideen launched another such attack in Kabul on three important targets. They attacked the sixth district’s centre, on the nearby Military college, and on an intelligence center. The fighting lasted for six hours and killed and wounded over 173 members of the regime’s security and intelligence apparatus.

On this same day the Mujahideen of Baghlan launched a coordinated attack on the Tala wa Barfak district center and conquered it. This attacked caused significant financial and human losses to the regime.

The Mujahideen’s hybrid tactics have proven that the regime – despite the number of security agreements it has signed, and the number of international conferences convened, and the boasts of the regime leaders – has failed to improve its own survivability and fend off the wrath of this mighty nation.

The Mujahideen can attack any target in their country and do so at a time of their choosing. As was proven yesterday, they can launch a complex multi-target attack in the heart of the regime’s center while at the same time launched a massive conventional attack on a district center on the very same day. The ease with which Mujahideen infiltrate the presumably impregnable capital of Kabul continues to confound regime and foreign officials.

The regime has completely abandoned the rural areas to the Mujahideen and hedged its survival on defending city centers against any threats, yet the frequency and effectiveness with which the Mujahideen continue to attack these centers and the accuracy with which they choose their targets has caught the regime completely off guard, seized the initiative from them and has thrown them into their final throes of life grasping onto what little life there is left for them.

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