July 13, 2020

Trump’s Muted Policy Has The Regime Worried

Trump’s Muted Policy Has The Regime Worried

Ever since Trump ascended the presidency, the regime of Kabul has tried to cultivate closer relations with him or his close advisors so as to encourage the White House to remain committed to propping up this regime by maintaining the current troop levels or even increasing it. Yet so far they have only received a cold shoulder from Trump and were not even invited to the inauguration. Yet despite this cool reception the regime’s media regularly publishes reports claiming that high-ranking officials have assured Ashraf Ghani that the White House is considering an increase in troop deployments to Afghanistan.

The recent Munich Conference was similarly plagued with squabbling between the United States and its NATO allies and Afghanistan was not covered in any notably detail, therefore further demoralizing the Kabul regime.

A few days ago US Defense Secretary James Mattis stated that they will need to reassess how we can win the war in Afghanistan, adding that so far, the war is not going in the right direction. He further stated that the regime security forces were worth praising yet their losses so far have been alarming. Mattis referred to the SIGAR report between January and November 2016 the ANSF suffered 6785 fatalities with over 11,000 more wounded. This report notes that the ANSF’s casualties have risen 35% in 2016 compared to the year prior.

Mattis told the Military Times that General Nicholson’s recommendations for higher troop numbers need careful assessment and President Trump will consult with military and intelligence circles before making any decision on the issue.

For now the regime in Kabul is completely demoralized and can only wait to see what America’s next move in the war will be. The regime can do nothing but wait since their very survival hinges on what Trump will do next in Afghanistan.

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