May 30, 2020

Message of condolence by Islamic Emirate regarding losses caused by snowstorm

Message of condolence by Islamic Emirate regarding losses caused by snowstorm

Recently hundreds of our countrymen have been killed and injured in various provinces of the country due to snowstorms and avalanches, with most human losses caused in Nuristan’s Bargmatal district and Badakhshan province.

The Islamic Emirate is deeply affected by these tragedies and sympathizes with the effected countrymen from the bottom of its heart.

We pray to Allah to greatly reward the grieving families for these tragedies and bestow upon them immense patience. And may Allah grant quick recovery to the injured and may He, the Almighty, give the displaced and effected country a blessed substitute, Ameen, O Lord of the Worlds.

The Islamic Emirate – due to its responsibility – calls on all the Mujahideen, ordinary countrymen and the wealthy brothers throughout the country to not withhold aid to the tragedy struck victims.

The Mujahideen must exert all efforts within their capacity in relief work. The ordinary countrymen must also jump to the aid of his nearest effected brother and the wealthy must assist the effected with their basic needs, shelter and food in order to fulfill their Islamic obligations.

We also call upon all aid and relief agencies to try their utmost in saving as well as organizing and providing food and edible material for those trapped in avalanches.

May Allah Almighty safeguard our countrymen from such hardships and tragic incidents in the future, Ameen.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

09/05/1438 Hirji Lunar

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